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dog = brown spots in lawn

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i have several accounts that have female dogs and wherever they pee i get brown patches. i re-seed and the dog kills the new seed. moving the dog is not an option, the homeowner is a blockhead.
is there anything i can do to try to prevent this.
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my 6 month old female lab has destroyed my back yard it was slit seeded this spring and looked great and she has turned it into a vast waste land of mud dog pee and holes i don't know what to do with it good thing she is cute
my female dog 6 months old kills the lawn when she goes my male dog is 5 and my lawn has been fine the whole time. she drinks plenty of h2o and pees constantly so it is definitely watered down pee. funny though any good spots of grass she digs up i think she hates the lawn and likes mud. she has also ripped out all my flowers she was laying in the tulip bed eating off the tops of all the flowers.
1 - 4 of 19 Posts
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