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dog = brown spots in lawn

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i have several accounts that have female dogs and wherever they pee i get brown patches. i re-seed and the dog kills the new seed. moving the dog is not an option, the homeowner is a blockhead.
is there anything i can do to try to prevent this.
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I too am the proud owner of a acidic peeing, lawn damaging
overly friendly hope to be a Great Chocolate Duck Hunting Machine Lab.

Spoke with my breeder about the problem and like Enviro mention feed the dog some tomatos. I have been pour tomato juice over her food. Dog eats everything so getting her to feed on it is not a problem.

Now if I only had green grass in the backyard i would know if it's working. Neighbors lawn is nice and healthy, and it does get dark out here at night. Looks like someone is going for a walk tonight with a full bladder.

1 - 1 of 19 Posts
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