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dog = brown spots in lawn

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i have several accounts that have female dogs and wherever they pee i get brown patches. i re-seed and the dog kills the new seed. moving the dog is not an option, the homeowner is a blockhead.
is there anything i can do to try to prevent this.
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A couple of things I researched, before I go to the link.

1) Is the dog spayed? If not that will help (EDIT: According to the link, this is not actually proven :( )
2) Put some water in with their food. It will force the dog to drink more water, effectively dilluting the urine.
3) Here are some "treats", I used them this Spring, but stopped when I ran out. I am not real sure on their effectiveness, because I stopped using them. They were about $10 for a box.
1 - 1 of 19 Posts
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