Dog doody in the puddle

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by LAWNS AND MOWER, May 28, 2002.


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    Cut a yard yesterday after a brief shower. Yard is always loaded with dog doody. Well, I get through with the yard and my tires are covered in mushy dog doody. I notice a big puddle in the street in front of the nieghbors house. I proceed to drive my wb through the puddle about 8 times to wash off the dog doody before the nieghbor comes out and asks me what I doing. I explain to her what I was doing and she turns postal on me. I tell her that the road is town maintained and that she doesn´t own the road. She huffed and puffed and went back in the house. The nerve of some people!!!

  2. maple city

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    I have had many encounters with the dog doody this year myself. Personally I applaud your quick thinking when you saw the puddle.

    Which is worse, dog poop or neighbors??

  3. FrankenScagMachines

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    That's a kinda tough call for I would want to keep good relations with anyone even if they are not a customer because you want a good name even with those people because someday they may need your services but now they will probably not hire you, because they don't want their neighbor's dog crud in front of their house when the puddle dries. Would you?
  4. Dennis E.

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    As for me. Before I leave a customers property,if I have dog doo-doo on the wheels,I take the garden hose and wash it off in the yard. Never had anyone complain.
    What are they going to say? I can't very well use the mower on the next property with poo all over the wheels. They did not clean up after their dog. It's not my responsibility. Plus the fact the next customer should not have to deal with dog poo stink in their yard from my mower. Right?
  5. Hawkeye5

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    Dennis: That is the correct way to clean up doggie do! No one else wants it in their yard, you don't want it on your mower and trailer. Leave it where ya got it!! I like dogs, but I don't want someone's dog poop spread all over my stuff. JD
  6. Krimick

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    I do the same thing with goose droppings. 99% of my mowing is waterfront properties so there is no limit to the amount of goose **** I'll see in a day.

    If there is a puddle around, I'll find it just to get that **** away from me!
  7. fastcut

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    The only thing worse than running over dog do is when you weed wack some. Makes I nice mess on yourself. Cliff

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