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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Island Lawns, Dec 7, 2005.

  1. Island Lawns

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    Go to one of my regulars today edge the front, go through the gate, as I open it a grey dog streaks out, hell never a dog there before, anyway after playing in the traffic, it had a run by the river, chasing the horses which always graze there, it had a swim, then harassed a mob of old age peoples having a picnic by shaking itself all over them.
    I finally caught it, dragged it back to the house, finished the job only took an hour extra! Rang the owner tonight, the dog belongs to there daughter who’s staying with them. Any other dog stories or is it just me who had a bad day.
  2. Precision

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    I feel for you. I have had that happen in the past.

    My contract states, if you have a dog we don't mow the area where they are held. If we are caught unaware, and a dog gets out, not my problem.

    I drill that into my clients because I can't spend an hour chasing Fido. Not to mention that my crew is now an hour behind, may not even be successful, and the dog may end up biting one of my crew. The dog doesn't know us. I will not endanger my crew or myself because of a clients lack of common sense or consideration.

    The client knows what day we will be there, it is their problem to solve.
  3. geogunn

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    dude--I have a few fenced rear yards with a poochie escape artist.

    I keep a hank of rope with a spring clip on each end.

    dog comes to the gate, I hook him up with the rope. then I take him further inside the back yard and clip the rope off to something else.

    that way I can get in and out without the poochie running the gate.

    after I get my stuff in the gate, I usually let the poochie run.

    GEO :)
  4. lawnboy dan

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    too many dog stories to bother telling and all of them bad! my wife wonders why i hate dogs so much-i tell her just come to work w/me and see how you like working around dog sh*t all day
  5. METRO 36

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    my neighbor's dog bite's my britche's leg and i drag it around the yard as i mow,sometime's it try's to hop on my mower and hitch a ride. the dog is very friendly but sometime's he doe's get in the way. but for the most part all of my clent's are retired and lock up the dog's when i get there.
  6. impactlandscaping

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    We have around 40 dogs on our maint. route. Once they get to know us, it isn't a problem. Many are on invisible fences, and choose to go inside or on the other side of the yard until we are done mowing. The ones in fenced yards usually come to see us as we get in the gate, get their free cookie bone, and go somewhere out of the way and enjoy the treat. I've never had one escape ..Cats are another story...Blowing leaves at an apartment complex, come around the corner, and this cat runs opposite direction at 100MPH(think cartoons where the feet are going and they aren't on the, he's tied to a small rope or old leash...he got to the end of the rope , and kept My brother was like "who ties a cat outside like a dog?" Scared another cat the other day blowing leaves out from under a deck...I was clearing the end of a ground level deck....Looked like someone shot a Siamese cat out of a cannon full of leaves...funniest thing we saw in weeks.:D
  7. JimLewis

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    LOL!!!! I remember days like that back when I used to be the one out mowing. Chasing other people's dogs sucks butt! I feel for you, dawg. :D

    Now be honest, once you got the dog back into the back yard, you smacked him once or twice out of anger, didn't you? Never mind, PITA is probably reading this and they'll turn you in. Just say, "no".
  8. scagwildcat

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    i had a client that has to dobermins, one was friendly the other not so much... every time i pulled up to mow, like clock work, the door opened and the dogs let out.... nothing like looking ahead to see what your mowing and feeling a dogs snout hit you leg as you walk!!!! one time i was there and the dogs were out, i mower half the lawn , i felt the dog hit my leg, then the next thing i felt was my back pocket rip, and two teeth in my ***, i turned around and kicked that dog so hard, and i love dogs, but i had to do something, so i load up my mower take off, to see if i was bleeding, i wasnt, while i was home, the home owner called and asked why i had left the yard half mowed and why their dog was yelping, so i told them what had happened , they said , no that cant be, the dogs love people, and they have never bit any one before, i told them that every time i was there i noticed the dogs being let out, and she said yes because the dogs liked to see you, so when you drive up to the house, i let them out to say hi, what a joke, a few months go by, and i find out that others who have mowed this yard, have been bitten, and the owner watched from the window, they thought if was funny to see the landscaper have to watch his back all the time......... as for now, i tell ever one , if i feel a threat, i will not be held responsible..... and if people dont understand it, i dont take them on as a client... like it or leave it, i have a job to do, if i wanted to play with a dog, ill go home and play with mine, i know he wouldnt bite me!!!!!
  9. jimmbo407

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    I have a client that is blind and has a service dog. I always thought that the dogs were well behaved. They are if they are in the harness, but when that dog is on his own he try to bolt out of the back yard. The guy is blind I have to make sure nothing happens to that dog. I think I will bring a leash like stated in this thread. Thanks.
  10. westwind

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    I know a fellow lco that was trimming and a small dog ran over and bit the whip at full throttle. Dog went to the vet and he lost the account.

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