Dog Lots what to put around it?

Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by JClawncare, Apr 20, 2007.

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    I have an account and the owners have a 12'x12' concrete dog kennel. With two dogs in it but there is a divider separating the male from female. Around the concrete there is 2"-3" rock coming out 3' with brick border. My question is that the owners asked me what he could put around it, because the way the concrete slab in sloped all the dog pee drains to the front and pools in the rocks which after awhile it starts to really stinks and he rinses with the garden hose and when he does the run off water turns black. Any suggestions?
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    Here we got another one of these problems where someone is trying to find the easy way out, but the answer is rinse once daily.
    If he is rinsing once / day, then twice / day is the answer.
    Yes, it might not be what the customer wants to hear...

    If he wants to make it easier, he might can get a small spot sprinkler for a couple bucks and a digital multi-program inline hose timer (these are not cheap, $25?) and pre-program it to rinse 1-2 times / day for a few minutes at a time... Might work with just leaving the hose's open end in a spot, too (vs. the sprinkler, I mean). Maybe one rinse right after the worst heat of the day, so at 3pm, then another towards midnight?
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    Lilacs- nice purple or white flower and much better smell!

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