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Discussion in 'Water Features' started by landscaperbob, Jul 29, 2007.

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    Prospective client is looking to install a pond for their dogs to swim in. Can't be chlorinated because dogs are show dogs (will effect coat), so they don't want a pool. They want to be able to exercise dogs at home & not taking them to nearby lake. After explaining that a 8 x 12 with a large stream could go 5-10 K, they had me stretch my 35' tape out further & further. So we are now looking at a 20' x 30'. This one is going to take some thinking on. Heavy duty construction for sure. 60 mil liner/lots of big coping stones to launch off/major filtration system/ plus about a 50' stream coming down to the pond. Rainy day here today - good thinking weather-I'll need it. Any thoughts ? Advice ?

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    If it's for the dogs, think like a dog when you design it.. ledges for leaping, clear areas for running to retrieve, etc.

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