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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by maintenanceman, Mar 13, 2009.

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    Hey I'm new around here, so sorry if I'm bringing up a bad subject. I've seen some posts complaining about pet waste in the yard, etc. Has anyone figured out how to charge customers for dog poo removal as a part of the weekly lawn/landscape work? What do you charge? Success stories, experiences, etc? Maybe some will think this will ruin your image (or ego), or maybe some of you have figured out that it's a money maker. Just looking for ideas on this subject. Thanks. . .
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  4. Joel B.

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    Picking up dog poop is totally disgusting, do you have any idea how much bacteria is in it? One reason I don't have a dog is because I'm not going to pick up its crap and I sure as heck am not going to pick up after someone else's dog. I tell me customers to pick up after their dog....if they don't I just mow around the poop and leave patches of uncut grass, they eventually get the message.
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    I solve the dog crap problem by charging my clients a $10 fee per occurance if I have to clean crap off my mowers after servicing their lawn. I'm sure as heck not picking it up for them. I let everyone know when they agree to service that theyget one poop warning and that's it. After that, the charge will be tacked onto their invoice along with pictures of the "crappy" equipment. I've only had to charge the fee 2 times to different clients. Having to pay $10 because you were too lazy to pick up your dog's crap one week kind of hits home. Not to mention if youdon't pick up crap in your yard, your dog is just going to keep stepping on it and tracking it into your house and I sure as hell wouldn't want that in my house... I realize that some people are just sub-human and trashy folks who couldn't care less.
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    Joel B.,
    The thing to consider is---does your city have a strict code involving pet droppings?
    Some HOA's and Gated Communities have these guidelines for their inhabitants. Some places do not even allow pets period. You have to fit that niche where the working class people don't have the time to do the dirty deed and need to stay within ordinance.

    As far as touching the poop, there are tools designed at Petco for this job and it is really inexpensive to get involved.
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    Have you ever had a bad experience with dog poop??? It seems like it pushed your button just right! lol Dog poop is just something that comes with the job.... get used to it. IF I charged my customers $10 per week poop fee they would hire the next lawn service in line who wouldn't care. Even if people stay on top of it ... they poop 1-2 times per day so there will always be some there no matter what.
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    I was pricing out this service a few years back, I was thinking of adding it but I didn't. It stinks.

    Read about dog attacks, and people who generally need the service the worst have big dogs. I guess the prices were about $15 a week for one dog, $25 for two dogs.. maybe a bit cheaper. They would visits once a week, you can even change the cat litter box. You have to keep cleaning your boots in some kind antiseptic or at least they advertise that.. stops diseases.
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    I don't surcharge them but I do remind them when I see it with a uncut patch of grass. Same as Joel B. :)
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    When it comes to lawn odors, we have sprayed Consan 20 and often used Odoban. Not on the grass mind you, but around the pet containment areas and all surrounding pet surfaces.

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