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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by TropicalBreeze, Sep 24, 2004.

  1. TropicalBreeze

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    Do any of you have problems with this? I have (had) a client with two dogs and they don't pick up after them but once a week. I charge $5 for clean up and know they are terminating the agreement because of the $5. Which is fine but their comment was they have never had a lawn guy that has complained about the poo. Do the math 2 dogs x 2 Shits/day x 6 days
    Any comments?
  2. lqmustang

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    Dog poo is no fun. Gets in the tire tread, in your boot tread, tracks in the truck, etc. If they don't like paying your $5 cleanup fee, move on and don't lose any sleep over it. You'll replace them soon enough with an account that you don't have to keep side stepping piles.
  3. simsy71

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    I agree you do not need people like that. I have dropped 2 people after giving them 2 warnings about the poop. I mean I can see maybe the poop in one place..... but all over the yard no way
  4. jerryrwm

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    Question. Did you not see the dogs when you walked the yard prior to giving them a price? Were there no 'yard bombs' at that time? Did you discuss it with them before hand?

    It would have been very easy at the onset of doing their yard to have tacked the $5.00 in the bid in the first place, and then did the clean-up as part of the service. (personally think it should be $10) Then you wouldn't had to raise the price in the middle of the contract and thereby loose the account.

    That's one of those contingency factors or as it is commonly called "OS" Oh Sh!t Factor. That $5 or $10 should be there and handy to put in on any bid if there is any indication that there might be a problem with a particular customer. Dog crap, Kids toys, Daddy's toys, etc, etc. The extra five or ten helps pay for the agrivation.
  5. ProMo

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    proslide has worked for me it gives them a good sized pancake when done properly, then they usually get the hint and pick it up.
  6. drsogr

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    Ya know I really like that idea! I have never heard that one before.

    A lot of people put lawncare professionals on a lower tier. They are just beneath them. Why should I clean up after my dogs, they are mowing the yard, it won't hurt them. I would let them go, and let them find someone that is willing to put up with the sh..
  7. KurtisInIowa

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    Reminds me of the movie 'Me, Myself & Irene' when Jim Carey -'Charlie'- loses it. He is tired of his neighbors dog so he gives it right back to the neighbor. Comes out of the house one morning, goes over to the neighbors, takes the newspaper off the porch, walks out to the middle of the neighbors yard, and takes a big dump while he reads the paper. The neighbor just stands there speechless. Maybe you should try that. Let us know how it 'comes out' !
  8. drsogr

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    I forgot all about that! God that kills me!

    SCAG POWER LawnSite Senior Member
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    LAWN BOMBS,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Man you should see what it looks like when pooooooooooo hits a nice clean white porch, comming from under the deck of my walk behind.It makes this solund kerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr splattttttttttttttt.

    They now clean up first. :help:
  10. Lux Lawn

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    If they don't like it then they need to clean it up themselves or you have to drop them if it bothers you nobody wants to work like that I tell my customers about it all the time and tell them after cutting there lawn it might be lunch time we don't work in an office with a bathroom down the hall.

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