Dog poop pick up and mowing as combined service package?

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by Exact Rototilling, Jul 14, 2007.

  1. Exact Rototilling

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    Anybody here pick up dog poop as an added service for their mowing clients? What or how do you charge? Per dog - size of dog etc. ?

    I have seen a few people in my area run ads just for poop pick up? I can't see how its profitable as a single service. I have 3 dogs in a relatively small yard and I occasionally miss a few spots especially in my long 4'+ Kentucky blue grass. Grass doesn't grow back instantly but dogs are a different story.

    Any input appreciated. :waving:
  2. MNBOY

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    I have one client I do it for. He has a small dog. It takes me about 5 minutes and I get $10 extra per week. Easy money. It is just hard to think that I went to college to pick up dog poop. :confused:
  3. bohiaa

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    Yes. the best way is to weigh it, and check for worms, if its wet, you will make more money, if it's dry just cary a little spray bottle with you and give it a squirt or two before putting it on the scales,

    now if it has wormes in it you can charge by the worm...........
  4. wooley99

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    I offer it although I haven't pushed it as a separate service and I haven't had anyone take it yet. I'd rather get paid to pick it up then mow it. After researching the 'Poop Butler' type franchises I decided on $15 for twice weekly pickup. Anything less than twice a week is too much poo IMO. I though it would be a good up sell and dogs poop year round. In Iowa they have to put on snowshoes first though:)

    In FL you have to either put it in the resident's trashcan (use double super stink defeating bags, well tied) or get the hazmat certificates to transport and dispose of biowaste. Don't know about IA.

    The franchises make money but they do it by driving all over creation. I only work in a little area which is why I think I can offer twice weekly w/o killing my gas bill or schedule.

    MNBoy, you didn't get a degree in poop scooping did you? 'Cause I been thinking about a master's program...
  5. gary6768

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    How much do you get per pound???
  6. stephenslawncare

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  7. ncls

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    If the customer won't pick up the poo, then I won't either. I would drop them in a heart beat. I cut this area on Thursday, get a service, pick it up yourself, or find someone else.
  8. T-MAN

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    Maybe they should mow there own lawn too ? Or how bout they pick up poop one week, and you mow. Then next week you pick up poop and they mow. After all if they wont mow why should you, its not like your in a service industry.
  9. kandklandscape

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    used to be a biz around here that picked up poop, think they moved to VA where they are now manking 125k a year doing this, NO kidding either. they told us they made like 50 k here doing it, i mean howo hard is it? just smelly and prob nasty at times but holy hell making that kinda money doing dog crap come on! they had a really beating up truck when they were here, when they left they had a nice dodge, came back they had a toyota, they must be making some bucks to obuy a new tundra. lol
    guess poop is the way to go now!
  10. kandklandscape

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    crew went to go do a lawn other day for some big fat nasty ugly lady liek 400lbs? dog gpoo everywhere i told them to leave, hey ask them for $5 clean fee they freak out, **** it needs to be $10 clean fee for gas and all now! i was about to call her after she4 called me 50 times and about ready to tell her i will take your dog if you cannot clean upo the poo really cute dog, ashame ppl are like this!?

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