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Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by DaveinSWFL, Dec 15, 2007.

  1. DaveinSWFL

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    I have only been on this site for about 6 months and I don't recall this topic mentioned. I have a customer with 2 properties that I service. Both properties are very small and are year round monthly contracts, $125.00 a month each. The customers daughter has moved into one of the properties last month. She has 2 large dogs and there is dog crap everywhere. I mean everywhere. I spoke to the mother and informed her that the yard had dog poop everywhere and that I would appreciate it if the poop was picked up before I come out on Fridays. I serviced the property yesterday and still poop everywhere. Do any of you have any other suggestions how to deal with this issue? I hate to lose these accounts. Should I add a line in my service agreement that lawns must be clear of dog droppings? Feed back is appreciated.
  2. Dave_005

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    i have in my service agreements ALL pet messes and toys Must be picked up prior to our arrival, otherwise a $10 fee is added to thier bill for each time it isnt picked up for cleaning of equipment, i only had to bill extra one time, its Always been picked up since then. i HATE stepping in dog poop and getting it in my truck or on my equipment then having to waste time and money cleaning everything.
  3. cpel2004

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    Most homeowners dont think its a big deal, but explain to them about what type of mess it creates for you and the property. Wait until the duaghter steps in it, that will help your cause out. I would clean it up and charge them for it. But I would speak with the check writer first. extra 10 to 20 a visit. Stand your ground keep in mind its your responsibility to set your customer expectations from when you start servicing the property. I would make it a seperate line item on the invoice.
  4. mark_the_psycho

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    I have a customer like that, their dog s**** everywhere, nothing is safe. It is in the grass, on the driveway, the patio, and worst of all, it's in the beds *shudder*. I just mow around some of the nastier looking piles, but if it's dried up I just mow over it. I don't charge extra, because they tip VERY well, but when it comes mulch time, I add $75 to the bill.
  5. Clear-Cut

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    i hate avoiding land mines...sometimes you just dont see it until its on your wheels or boots...and by then its too late!
  6. MJS

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    Or until it's in your truck. That really stinks. :hammerhead:
  7. getthenet

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    I Am New To This But I Thought I Would Throw In My 2 Cents. 3 Years Ago I Got A $125 Per Cut Job. I Thought It Was Great Until The 2nd Week We Arrived The Owner Had Small Shovels, A Bucket With Plastic Bag In It And Directions On How To Be A Pooper Scoooper. That Was Not In My Up Front Price But I Went On And Picked It Up For The Whole Year. I Did Not Call Him Back The Next Season Though.
  8. dwlah

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    Last month a customer was out of town his daughter was there(her husband is stationed in Korea) anyway the dogs were out so I called the house so they could be let in The daughter answered and told me she didnt know I was coming (been there every Tues AM all year) and hadnt had time to clean the yard
    I told her thats OK Ill be back after lunch so I hit a couple of other yards and ate lunch
    came back yard was clear:)
  9. Dave_005

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    WOW, there is NO WAY i would pick it up for the customer and if i did i would have to charge ALOT more. i would have probably put a note on his door telling him to find someone else to do his lawn. i pick up after my own dog, there is NO WAY i will pick up after someone elses.
  10. getthenet

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    I Have 2 Guys That Mow For Me. It Seems Like Every Time They Got To That Yard They Would Call Me And Ask Who Had To Pick It Up.

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