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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by kirk1701, Jun 16, 2010.

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    I've got a box of that stuff somewhere, but I never did actually try it out to see if it actually works or not. It's a box of granular, shaped like a milk carton. If memory serves me correctly, I believe I got it at Petsmart.
  2. jdmcat

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    I believe there is a repellent called simply "No!"

    My suggestion, good fences make good neighbors.
  3. Zuess

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    My suggestion, good fences make good neighbors.[/QUOTE]

    So do paintball guns
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    I would start the conversation as normal and mention that you are trying to keep your lawn feces free. Tell him you stepped in a pile of chit and tracked it on your carpet and your wife was pissed. A subtle hint should be all that's needed in this situation. Poisoning the dogs, calling the police or shooting them is not the answer...the dogs are only doing what they were trained...or NOT trained to do. Its ultimately the owners responsibility. I personally would like to know if my dog was shitting in a neighbors lawn.
  5. piediddy

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    Besides respecting your neighbors property these two breed of dogs should not be running loose. I have 2 pits and although they are really good a loyal dogs you can't trust them with other animals. One of them actually sleeps in the bed with my daughter but is always looking for a fight. I can see it now those dogs will be out when another neighbor is walking their dog, a fight will breakout and someone will get bit trying to break them up. It will be all over the news. I would be cool about it and talk to your neighbor if he says something dumb like aww man its just poop or its good fertilizer. I'd start collecting it in a 5gal bucket and when its full i'd dump it in the middle of his lawn.
  6. kirk1701

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    Exactly, you hit the nail on the head cgaengineer, can't blame the dogs for the owners mistake and I don't believe in paint balls, guns, ect being the answer or punishing the dogs for the owners training or lack of. Besides; yes I too do love animals :drinkup:

    I think I will try the subtle hint approach first.

    Which is why I know this is all a temporary thing, neighbors won't put up with this and the neighborhood mayor I have next door to me would be the first to call guaranteed. And she's done walked her black lab once already and the two dogs ran out and jumped them. :rolleyes:

    Just give it time, lived here 10 years I know this neighborhood.
  7. greendoctor

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    Take equal parts powdered hot red pepper, black pepper and hot English mustard, combine well and dust the areas visited by the dogs liberally. I do this because the kind of people who let their dogs out in a crowded and congested city like mine are not playing with a full deck. These jerks take offense that you complain about their dog. No, I do not want to shoot or poison the dog. It ain't their fault their owner is a narcissist with borderline personality disorder. Sorry cgaengineer, MSMA will not work fast enough for this problem. Only copper jacketed lead will, but that is illegal in Hawaii.
  8. kirk1701

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    Problem there Greendoc is it's not contained to one area; I have about 175' frontage and it's a different spot every day so that would be a lot to combine? No?

    But your right about him taking offense which is personally what I want to avoid but maybe, just mabe if I go subtile like cgaengineer said he'd understand.

    Besides, the guy is 6' 6" and covered with tatoe's :cry: He's part of a biker group (Not gang he calls it a group) but he's also a mason and church goer so don't think he'd be a jerk about it. I'm more less worried about down the road when someone else calls the cops and then the finger gets pointed at me.:confused:
  9. greendoctor

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    This guy sounds like a saint compared to the kind of people I deal with. When you say mason, do you mean member of the order of square and compass or just a bricklayer? Bikers do not alarm me either. I have to deal with trash that lives in daddie's house, driving customized trucks that daddie's money bought, and of course is about 6 ft tall, over 200 lbs, muscles paid for with daddie's money as well. Talking with him in a respectful, nonjudgemental manner might be the ticket. Would not hurt to point out that the "mayor" of the street is itching to call the cops on him, you would not call, but she would in a heartbeat.

    Sorry, 175 is way too much area to pepper. I do not know of any repellents that can be applied at low volume that would work. Best thing to do is talk to this guy.
  10. kirk1701

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    Yea, I do mean mason as in the ones that wear a ring, never heard the term member of the order of square and compass but I don't know much about them.

    Thanks, talking with him is probably best option but I try not to gossip or bring up other neighbors. Still getting to know the guy myself so you never know what might spread down the road six months from now; know what I mean :drinkup:

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