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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by kirk1701, Jun 16, 2010.

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    All the neighbors need is for one of these dogs to attack a kid or hell for that matter a adult. quit running scared and talk to this guy.
  2. kirk1701

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    Yea I know, and I will. Next time I see him which will be over the weekend I'm saying something and there is crap in the road now to prove it. I mowed tonight, took 4 or 5 scoops and just shoveled it into the road as to say hey, get the idea neighbor?

    The dogs are huge, but they are just that big babies too and friendly, but we all know how that goes especially Pitt-Bulls; my belief is they will turn on you even the owner. So, someone is going to call sooner or later before a kid does get hurt. And the laws out here are from dust till dawn dogs can roam but must be on a leash from dawn to dust
  3. JDUtah

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    Next time throw the turd on his drive. :)
  4. jvanvliet

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    A liberal sprinkling of Cyane pepper has always worked well for me
  5. RigglePLC

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    Maybe a mirror next to your fire hydrant would help--every time they go near it they see an ugly pitbull, and it scares them away.

    One of my lady customes was an animal control officer for the city. Years of experience. She was talking with this guy in his kitchen about confining his pit bulls, and issuing a ticket. One of the dogs grabbed her hand. He would not let go. Even when the owner pounded him on the head. Eventually they had to pry the dog's jaws open with a couple screwdrivers. She had a couple surgerys ro repair her hand, and it ruined her golf game for two years. She had to retire. Dog was put down, but owner was too poor to sue.
  6. teejet

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    Call animal control on the dogs. They won't tell the guy who called. When he mentions that his dogs are at the pound. Just tell him its probly the mean guy down the road that called, and sympathize.
  7. kirk1701

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    Well guys, looks like were gonna be good. :clapping:

    Talked to him tonight, first chance I've got actually I kid you not. While we were BSing a car came down the street and so was the dog. Car had to slow down and after the car passed I thought now's a good time, first brought up the dog up the street that got hit and killed last week. Then I let him know the dog was crapping in my yard and just let him know if I seen him I'll just scolled him no biggie. He said that was fine and if I seen him just point and he'd come with a shovel and get it up.

    So think between the two of us working together we can train them to go in the woods which should be seen it the pic above.
  8. thunderdawg

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    If the dogs are smart enough to use a neighbors yard then they're probably smart enough to clean up their own mess. They just need a little encouragement. Start by cooking a pound of bacon and set it aside for later. Take the bacon grease and dump a little on each pile. When the dogs return they will take care of the tasty treats as you sit inside enjoying your delicious bacon. Bonus points if the owner witnesses the clean-up.
  9. kirk1701

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    Awsome TDawg butproblem solved.
  10. teejet

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    Now that's a good one. I new a guy that trained his chow to chase geese of of his pond and yard. When I asked him how . He said he just got on all fours and chased after the geese and barked at them himself, and the dog done likewise. He was serious. Maybe you could try something like that.

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