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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by stexasrookie, Oct 19, 2004.

  1. stexasrookie

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    I was working at a customers house the other day when I went to do the backyard her dog got past me and ran off. Not the first time the dog has tried but the first time he suceeded. I called the customer at work immediately but it was too late, the dog catcher had already picked him up. Now the customer wants me to reimburse her $75 for the dog catcher. I had warned her on several occasions about the dog trying to get away. Am I responsible? I'm sure lots of you have had this problem, and was curious if anyone had a clause in their contracts to cover this.
  2. stizostedion_vitreum

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    No clause required.....

    Your there to mow the lawn, not dogwatch. Sure you should do all you can to insure the dog doesn't run off, however it's not your fault nor your responsibility. If the dog ran off, obviously it was loose in the backyard to begin with.

    I'd bill her and forget her as she's not gonna pay and your gonna have to proceed with collections.

  3. jbell113

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    I actually have a clause in my contracts that state ......If you have a dog every attempt will be made to ensure he does not escape but I cannot be responsible if he does. It goes something like that.
  4. CamLand

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    I've never had the problem If the dog is outside i will skip yard notify owner and return next day.Not your responsibility to watch over your customers pets...
  5. Travis Followell

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    It is not your fault that the dog ran off. If you have told the owner about the dog trying to get out then it is the owners fault for not doing something about the dog so she should have to pay the $75, after all its her dog and she should be responsible for it.
  6. Soupy

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    You are not responsible, It all boils down to how much you want to keep this customer. You pay it and she keeps you, or you don't and she drops you. If you have a contract you can tell her sorry and try to force her to stay with you, but I would never make a customer stay with me. To me Contracts are for protection, not for locking a customer into service.

    If she owes you money then you might as well apply that to the $75. Because you will most likely have to take her to collections to get your money.

    Bobby would call me a push over, but if the client was profitable and she allready owed me close to $75. I would pay the money and continue to cut her grass. If you lose her then you are out a customer and it will cost you $75 to obtain a new one. If she owes you money then you might as well let her keep it, becasue you aint going to get it anyway. Explain to her that next time you will not pay it.

    I make all dogs be put inside before I cut. If the customers works then I schedule their lawn for last and cut it after they get home. Lickily I only have one customer like this and she knows that her dog in to be inside on Tuesday. The rest of them either don't keep their dogs outside.

    HOOLIE LawnSite Gold Member
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    If you were there on the normal mowing day I don't understand why the customer would leave the dog out. Not your fault in this case. If you came on a different day, they would have a point.
  8. Littleriver1

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    Sounds to me like your going to get ripped. Seen it too many times. You can almost see it comming, can't you? That check will be the most on time payment you'll get this month. Just to prove her point. It will be missing $75.00. If she were a God fearing woman she would pay you what she owes you and then drop you if it really mattered to her. Now you get to drop her. How are you going to justify working for some one that treats you like dirt? Revenge is out of the question. Might back fire. Maybe if you would have just cut the grass and when asked, where's the dog? You could have said, What dog? Must have got out before I got there. Nope, not you, your a good guy. You even called her on the phone. Oh well, you might get lucky, I hope so. I don't like seeing anyone being treated wrong, so it must be George W.'s fault. Go vote for John Kerry, he will save you. He can do anything!
  9. impactlandscaping

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    First of all, I love dogs, I have 2, and over 35 on my regular maint. route.I haven't had the displeasure of losing one, but... We just finished a 2 week install at a residential site last week, and I know their boxer went thru the invisible fence at least five times. Each time I went to the neighbor's yard(he stayed next door..good listener..), slipped a tie out cord for their other dog on him, and removed his RF collar and brought him back in the yard. The HO said he had been having trouble w/ the fence, and thanked us with a nice bonus for caring enough to get the dog for them(both Drs., can't just leave work) I don't hink you are liable for the pound fee, but it will probably come to hinge on how much you want to keep this client as the others have noted. Good luck.
  10. bobbygedd

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    "you see mrs. jones, the dog ran by me, knocked me off balance, and i fell to the ground very awkwardly. i'm afraid , as a result of your irresponsibility, i now have a very sharp pain in my neck and back. i'm sure my attorney will contact you." sounds like about 40 grand to me. how much are you getting per cut?

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