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Discussion in 'Organic Lawn Care' started by Bob E, Feb 8, 2005.

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    I'm a homeowner, this site has opened my eyes up to the organic approach.

    Some background. Last fall we had our back yard re-graded (30,000 ft2) to solve some drainage issues. We have heavy clay soil with a few inches of topsoil. The front yard was irrigated at the same time, the back yard was not. I seeded with Lesco transition blend turf type tall fescue. I covered the seed with a light "dusting" of peat moss. I put down a synthetic starter fertilizer (this is before I discovered organic). I got very good seed germination with very little weeds.

    Approx 4-5 weeks after germination I put down my first application of Milorganite. I also put down a later fall application in early November. The grass did great.... right now it's brown but I'm sure it is just dormant.

    My problem areas are in the back yard where our dog ( a large black lab) has created "trails" where no grass will grow.

    Is there a way to "jump start" these areas to toughen them up to the abuse of the dog's traffic?

    I plan to core aerate the entire yard by the middle of next month and overseed. At the same time I want to brew some compost tea and get some alfalfa pellets down. Does this seem the correct path?

    I do not plan to use Milorganite again, partially because of the heavy metal issues and mostly because of the smell that seemed to linger for a few weeks after application.

    Short of sending the dog off to the kennel for the seeds to germinate is there anything else I can do to get the lawn to grow in his "trails"?
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    Have a lawn like that lady always wants us to reseed or sod dog paths, always looks good till these two dogs beat the path down again. She has invisible fencing and they run the perimeter of it but they got to run somewhere, she finally gave up trying.
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    I'm afraid its a lost cause. Even if you're successful at getting new grass to grow, the dog will beat it to death again. Sometimes, as a dog gets older, they run around less..... :)

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