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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by jason r., Feb 27, 2003.

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    My yard is the ugliest yard I service:( . So me and the wife finally decided to renovate the whole thing as time and $ allows. First, we had several trees removed so we could get some sun light down on the ground. It worked good, most of the yard has sun most of the day. Next step is getting the stumps ground and grading and fill dirt spread. As soon as the rain stops we have this work already scheduled to get done. After that, we planned on sodding it ourself. That's until I checked prices! Wow, I never did sod work for my customers, just mowing and small landscape bed work, and was surprised how pricey it was. The part of the yard in ? is my dog yard. It's 10,000 sq.ft.. For Palmetto St. Aug. it was $3,894 and for Centipede it was $2,420. That's for the sod delivered and I would lay it myself. Would conventional seeding or hydroseeding be a good alterative to save $. Given that I'll have 3 dogs running around on it from day 1 do think I should just save the $ and go with the sod? If so, do think the $ difference would be worth going w/ the St. Aug because of the abuse the turf will take from the dogs?
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    Bermuda would be a good choice. It will withstand very heavy traffic and loves the full sun. Its probably cheaper to purchase, as well. Zoysia makes a very nice lawn. You can walk on it all day. Holds up well, BUT it dont like the dog urine and feces. Alot more costly too, but I'm partial to zoysia. Call and get some prices on Bermuda. 10,000 sq.ft will be right at 1100 yds. Thats about 22or 23 pallets. Its about $1 to $1.25 per yard here for Bermuda. So, you're looking at around $1500 w/delivery. The prices you quoted seem too high to me. I think you could get it much cheaper. Try a wholesale company that only sells to contractors. Let them know you're a company, not a homeowner. Don't forget to prep the soil and add a starter fert.
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    I PERSONALLY like seed more because IMHO it just does better. I don't like to see the yard when someone can come up and steal your grass. :mad: I just like the way seed looks afterward so don't piss on me.
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    did some one steal your grass? sounds pretty low:confused:
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    Lol, what kind of grass are we talking about?:D
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    Dogs and grass don't mix :(

    In my neck of the woods dogs are allowed to roam freely. I'm still trying to figure out how to keep dogs away and deal with piss burns...

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    I live on a busy road so if we let them run outside the fence I'd have to walk them back home with a shovel instead of a leash:( .

    Called every sod place in the yellow pages and they all gave me the same prices. Asked about Bermuda and Zoysia, but they said it would be a special order for a homeowner because they usually reserve those types for the local golf courses. They were higher in price than the St. Aug.

    I didn't tell them I was a lco. Have never bought anything wholesale before (never really had to, up until now). What is needed to purchase at wholesale prices?

    When I did electrical work people would come to the jobsites afterhours and steal all kinds of stuff. From new appliances,windows, landscape plants, insulation, and YES even some newly laid sod.:eek:
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    Probably just fill out a short form and they may want a copy of either a city license, contractors license, or landscape license. Its just to verify that you are in fact a contractor to sell and install their product(s). Ever bought plants and mulch wholesale or from a nursery that gives a discount to lco's? They should or may want the same information.
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    I am in a similar situation. Three dogs have Destroyed my yard. It wasn't much when we moved in and has gone down since. Good thing I don't live near my customers so they don't see it.
    What I am thinking of doing is fencing off half of the yard from the other with a temporary fence to keep the dogs on one side while I get the other side seeded and established. then let the dogs go to the other side and seed and establish where they were. I hope that once I get it going Good it can withstand the dog traffic with some TLC from me.

    just an idea
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