Doin away with my PG magnum and getting a Z-Spray

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by jackedf150, Jan 16, 2011.

  1. rcreech

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    I have two machines and one is set on 4.25 while the other is set on 5 for the same product.

    Moral of the story is...every machine is different.

    I would start somewhere around 4.5 to 5.

  2. jackedf150

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    I figured they all varied, just looking for a good starting point. Is that for the front dial I assume?
  3. americanlawn

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    Sh$t -- this is all good stuff. Seeing all the trailers, trucks, storage space needed, as well as insuring/licensing it all "makes me wonder" (Staiiway To Heaven) Wondering what it takes to insure, maintain, and maneuver all that equipment? Like: How efficient can that be?

    We don't ride on that road. My 2 cents.
  4. rcreech

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    I got a really easy answer!

    I use a boxtruck!

    My insurance is probably the same as YOUR pickup!

    It maneuvers as easy as YOUR pickup.

    It is just as easy to maintain as YOUR pickup

    The only difference is...I can lock my truck up at night or if parked somewhere. I can carry enough product for almost 30 acres and I can PUT A BILLBOARD on the side of my truck. It looks VERY professional!

    Everyone owns a pickup! :)

    And it if is a big job we can FIT TWO MACHINES in the truck!

    I am currently running a box truck and a pickup and if the spring is anything like that last two weeks we will have another box truck soon!

    Only way to go IMO!
  5. grassguy_

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    LOL man that is a helluva concept!!! I just might try that too! :)
  6. jackedf150

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    Well we have plenty of storage space. Maintenance isnt bad as I have done it so long its just a normal day of life. Rcreech has a buddy I sold a PG to that is in almost flawless condition for 1000hrs so I maintain at a pretty high level. First year pullin trailer for fert. Not gonna be a big deal but I will miss the running just out of my pick up. Its not about efficiency, Its about looking the best we can.
  7. cwc257

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    The new black wheels are gonna be nice. Grease from the bearings show up nice on the old yellow wheels. I leave my speed set at 5mph and try to spread about 2 mower widths wide (52" mowers), and have a 50% overlap. For 12500 per sq ft. i set the hopper opening to about 5.6 and my spreader speed around the 3 mark.....roughly...make sure to check your calibration daily. also it helps to wash out your hopper as much as possible to keep it flowing through without getting gummed up. I changed my spreader plate to a lesco hps spreader plate because mine was throwing heavy to the right...i read that alot of ppl found that it helped to change it.
  8. rcreech

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    Good to see ya on here bud!

    You should! I learned to run a box truck from a great friend that I met on Lawnsite.

    Tell you what else he taught 2 guys in a truck!

    Thanks for all your help! :)
    You are a good man...and have really helped me out a lot!
  9. grassguy_

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    hey had it all along!
    I'm glad its working out well and you got your act together and just keep knocking them down! :)
  10. ted putnam

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    That's kinda what I was thinking too......

    Larry does have a few "fans" that he has somehow "dazzled"

    **Interesting story I was told by my JDL manager today. As some of you may know, you can purchase a Z through JDL now. A local decided he wanted one and the LT Rich is booked until May. He found a dealer down in Florida that had a couple from before LT got SWAMPED with orders and ended up driving to Florida to pick one up because he wants it NOW.

    **pulling/backing a trailer must not give people with average or above intelligence a problem. It's either that or the fact that they know they are getting the most productive machine on the market and that fact outweighs any minor inconvenience.

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