doin the dirty pan upgrade on a ford

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by SCAPEASAURUSREX, Jun 15, 2003.


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    Ohh Boi.... Oil pan gasket is leakin pretty bad... So Im doing it in the next week or so... Ordered the Milodon 9qt pan , pickup and new pump..... Think this is gonna be one ugly job... appears the motor mounts and tranny mount have to be undone and moter pulled up so pan will clear the crossmember.. ughhh..

    anybody have any experience doing the pans on the fords ??? any advice other than dont do it.. LOL....
  2. CT18fireman

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    Take a look on plowsite and you will get the full description of a 351 F-250 oil pan job. You have to remove the upper intake, exhaust and lift the motor off the mounts. Oil pickup has to be removed inside pan. Plan on getting dirty. Not a real long job though.
  3. grassdaddy

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    You may have a bad rear main seal.Even with a "SNEAKY PETE" sometimes a pita.On 351m 4x4 I just had to unbolt tranny but not motor mts,if I remember right.Good luck:)

    SCAPEASAURUSREX LawnSite Senior Member
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    Its definatly the oil pan gasket cause it's coming from around the middle of the pan on one side... My truck has the one piece rear main seal, so the tranny has to come out for that one...

    OK.. So I got the pan I mentioned the MIlodon 9qt.. Turns out it wont fit with a stock exhaust system... It's designed for headers only.. nice of them to tell me that before hand... Looking into some other manufacturs, If not stock pan it is.. But if I find anything I'll post it....

    So the intake has to come off too.... Yuck....

  5. CT18fireman

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    Just use the stock pan. Easy that way. I painted mine before install. It was not painted from the factory. Have a good set of tools with lots of extensions and swivels.

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    you should change the rear main seal while your at it.look and see if you are leaking tranny fluid,sometimes you have to change the seal on the converter shaft it only costs a few dollars. most important make sure your seal points are very clean free of oil and stuff. if you plan on keeping the truck use good gaskets, don't use that cheap cork stuff. good luck

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    No Luck finding a replacement pan.... All the aftermarket manufacturers make them to be used without the stock exhaust.. Bummer... They did offer to modify the pan they did offer to work , but it would cost bucks.. about $600.oo.. SO I called the dealership and ordered a new stock pan and ordered a new Hi volume oil pump... got the good hi performance felpro gaskets... Think what I am gonna do is put a nice sized oil cooler , like the ones on race cars to increase the oil capacity.. WOuld like to get 2 more quarts in the system.. Did a relocater kit on the oil filter and used the big 1 qt filter so am up to 7 qts now.. but I want more... More More More.....

    Thanks for all the feedback guys.... I might just tackle this over the weekend, or friday if it rains agin ..... Hey any you guys start building an ARC yet... Think we may need it soon... SOme of my lawns are still under water..... Ugh...

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