Doing a pool deck with pavers

Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by neversatisfiedj, Feb 1, 2005.

  1. neversatisfiedj

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    Anyone have experience with a pool remodel ? I have a cusiomer who wants a pool deck done in pavers. What is the process? Cut the old coping out first I guess ? The dig down to get my 4 inch base of gravel ? Anyone done one of these before ?> Thanks
  2. treedoc1

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    Did one last June.

    Removed old 1970's style clay pavers with air hammer. Take care by the pool edge. Remove coping carefully by hand.
    Remove all old concrete and rebar.
    Compact 21A for your base and install pavers per your normal installation.
    I mortared flagstone coping to complement the pavers, ground a bull nose edge.
    Remember to drill into the largest pavers to anchor the pool cover.
    I also installed the small 1 1/2 grate drain (8' lengths) on the perimeter to handle water overflow. You don't have an impervious surface anymore, the water has to go somewhere.

    Lots of hand work.

    Crew of 4, 3 weeks 50K invoice to customer, 50% gross because of all the hand work.
  3. cgland

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    We do pool deck renovations and install all the time. You have to watch for a couple of things. 1-when removing the pavers be careful of the sidewalls of the pool. You don't want to have a jackhammer too close to the edge. 2-You will probably need to tear out the existing skimmers and install new ones. (you may need to have a pool company do this part for you) Other than that, rip everything out and install just as you would on a new install.

  4. YardPro

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    what a coincicence.

    we are pricing 2 pools at our largest commercial account this week..

    we are looking at 2 2000sqft decks. removing concrete, and belgard pavers


    we are a pool service as well, so will be handling any line repairs at an additional cost.

    MAKE SURE YOU HAVE SOMEONE LEAK TEST ALL THE LINES BEFORE YOU FILL ANYTHING IN. You will need to schedule someone with the proper leak detection equipment in advance. leave a few days open tor any repairs (you will have some)
  5. YardPro

    YardPro LawnSite Gold Member
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    forgot to add.

    you will need to anchor in the stair handrail wells. they are not secure enough in the pavers themselves.
  6. neversatisfiedj

    neversatisfiedj LawnSite Bronze Member
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    Awesome help guys you are the best ! Never done a pool deck before so I figured I would get some advice. I am worried however about removing the old coping. Working on the estimate now.
  7. landscapingpoolguy

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    what kind of pool is it? Would they like to flag the old cement instead? That would be be more productive and look very nice in the end if done right, and would be easier then breaking up the cement. Remember pavers around a pool deck are not always the best thing. They should be sealed and you should use jointing sand to try to keep all that sand out of the pool.

  8. YardPro

    YardPro LawnSite Gold Member
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    also something else.
    all the metal componets ( stairs, setp handrail, lights, etc) must be connected to a common ground wire.

    make sure they are connected. if the wire ( usually just bare copper) was corroded, it must be replaced.

    also for the ladder anchors, we will be using two 12 inch diameter cardboard slieves going 24" in the ground. we will mount our stair handrail recievers in these.

    and the above post is correct. make sure to use polymeric sand for the joints. it is expensive, but worth every penny. for a 2Ksqft deck we're spending $1200.00 in polysand, but NO sand will end up in our pool.

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