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Doing an informal poll on irrigation checks

In commercial maintenance contracts what %, assuming you have an irrigation system to worry about, require you to do irrigation service checks?

On an A-F scale what grade would you give yourself on checking and maintaining the irrigation system? What grade would you give your in house irrigation tech?

This is not intended as a trick or trap. This forum seems to be the heaviest posted on for maintenance. I'm just curious for marketing reasons. Who is doing and billing for the work. Are irrigators even worth being marketed to. This is an off shoot of my first booth experience in the DENVER PROGREEN show.


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checks as in mid season???

we do a full check when we start and adjust in the beginning of the year, but now one requires or wants to pay for additional checks unless a problem arises. i think they should as we could potentially save the money if we catch a issue early, but that is really only true of very large systems, of which i only have a few over 20 zones


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All of our commercial properties require a monthly irrigation check. One of the owners of our business(licensed) does the checks and he get a commission on the work that he does........I would say we do A level work.


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Spring, Texas
We are getting licensed right now and the big HOA we maintain is going to have us do monthly checks. My tech is very skilled and knows what he is doing. I would give him a A+


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i give myself a B, because i dont have a wire tracker and dont do any difficlut wiring issues once i determine that is the cause. i hire a good irrigation company that is a friend to do that work for me, as i dont have the time sometimes either to devote 2 hrs on a repair chasing around wires.