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Discussion in 'Landscape Lighting' started by fakie99, Nov 30, 2012.

  1. fakie99

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    good afternoon -

    wondering how some of you guys are handling demos. my experience has been that demos generally sell the deal, but the setup can be cumbersome - especially on 20+ fixture projects. getting a transformer on site and wiring it together looks pretty busy with all the wire laying exposed, although we have a document we leave with folks explaining that what they see isn't quite the "finished product".

    somewhere i saw on this forum guys running led fixtures on 9v batteries for demos, or preparing 15-20' sections of wire with quick connects, etc.

    what time saving measures have you guys taken to do demos in the most efficient manner? and thank you in advance.

  2. JHFMX

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    Jim, A car battery works pretty well if you didn't want to deal with a transformer. Oddly enough that's how landscape lighting got it's start. A tractor headlight shining in a tree.

    I think if you have it dark enough in the evening the wire isn't even that big of a deal though. Saving time on it. That's the million dollar question!
  3. INTEGRA Bespoke Lighting

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    Jim, do a search on Demos on this forum and you will find a TON of information and discussions. There is a wealth of information here, most of which the 'regulars' have pretty much beaten to death.
  4. Lite4

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    Agreed, the archives are rich in information. My demo kit has up to 30 fixtures that I can set up and take down in about 20 min. Exposed wire is not a big's a demo, what do they expect? Just tape or stake down wires running across sidewalks and driveways and make the homeowner aware of them so they don't trip.
  5. Mike M

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    Jim, I agree with Tim. I tried portable LED fixtures w/9v batteries, but I prefer the cables for many reasons.

    I also discovered that the cables help give a quick structure to build from, with a nice moving flow.

    By the way, the quick-connects become limiting, you'll end up hacking off the ends for splices with multiple leads and for use with new fixtures.

  6. Lite4

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    Mike, are you using your demo fixtures for new installs, thus cutting off the quick connects? My demo fixtures are only used for that purpose with the quick connect on them. I can attach multiple fixtures with my quick connects on single runs. There is no need to cut and splice anymore. PM me if you want a good quick connect system that is fast, easy and expandable.
  7. fakie99

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    Thanks for all the responses gentlemen -


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