Doing good the first Job(not)

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by mwalz, Apr 30, 2014.

  1. mwalz

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    So i got this call this past week of a lady wanting me to bid her property. Very small, around .15 acres. I thought no big deal right? Guess not. I get there and her house has grass almost 7"-9" tall probably. My 36' cut it like butter and threw it all in her flowerbeds along the house. I had no choice because i had to cut it about 3 times to get it to look decent. Because of the size, my 36" proline had to go off in the driveway. Left grass on the driveway that my blower could not blow it back because of the big tires. Grass was super wet because it did not dry because of the height which made things harder overall. Made me look bad and I'm kicking myself because i did not think i needed to put on my shute on the mower. It looked horrible and i did apologized to her and told her that next mow will be better since she will get cut again Saturday or Sunday and it won't be that much to mow off the top. What made it worse, was about half the people were outside in their yards around her, so it made my first cut look bad. Don't have accounts in the same neighborhood so i hope i can get some as the year goes on. Sorry guys i just needed to vent.
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    I had one of those today. Tiny little yard, like .14 acres. Lady called yesterday wanting service and said it was a "little high" because it hadn't been cut this year yet (I've been cutting for 3 full weeks now). Grass was high, very thick, and when discharged it was a soupy mess. I cut about half the length off to get it more manageable for next week. I managed to avoid most of her and/or the neighbor's beds in between the houses, but her front walk was a nice shade of green when I left. And to top it off, my mower took a big ol' grass-dump in the street because when I pulled down off the little 2" drop off from her driveway onto the street, a huge mass of drippy nasty clippings probably 3" high and the whole area of my deck dropped right down onto the street. Another 5 mins with a trash bag & gloves to get that picked up, and there was still a big green spot on the pavement.

    She was embarrassed and quite apologetic though, and even tipped me quite generously. Luckily that was my last one of the day, so I got to come home and scrape the deck twice as much as usual lol
  3. LawnGuy110

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    I love cutting these types of properties. Mainly because these people (atleast in my experience) hardly ever cut their grass, but I can charge a boatload of money to cut them because nobody else will, and when your done, they dont care how it looks.
  4. BIRCH'S

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    I had one of these today as well. It was pretty small back and front together was only about 3000 sq. ft. So I used my 21 (bagger)and set it at the highest setting. I trimmed, mowed then ran my edger. ( 3.5 hp.) It looked a bit ruff but I explained that it will look much better next time once I get to drop the mower another notch and get to make the edge more crisp. The grass was way over grown on the drive way. She was apologetic and happy with what I had accomplished. I guess the neighbors had been complaining about their yard.
  5. scagman52

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    So what is your point here? Are you happy with the way you cut this property or just bragging about how you filled up her flower beds and stained her driveway? And you left it like that? If I was one off those people watching I don't think I would call you to do my lawn! Just saying!
  6. 32vld

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    Now you have learned to handle an over grown lawn and why you must charge more for them.
  7. 32vld

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    We all made mistakes and have learned and survived so do not worry.
  8. mwalz

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    Well what else was I supposed to do? The lawn was probably 20 ft wide at most
  9. OakNut

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    Could you have used your string trimmer to knock it down a little first?

    I'll do that when I end up with grass that's too high since I have a mulch kit on my mower. You don't need to trim every inch, just make some sweeping motions to reduce the amount of really tall stuff - gives the mower some "breathing room". Mow it high, then lower and mow again. Lots of ways to do it depending on what you are cutting.

    As for discharging stuff everywhere, I don't know what to tell you. I'd have bagged it with a push mower before I'd throw clippings all over flowerbeds.

    I don't know what you were working on/with though, so...
  10. GQLL

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    Mulch plate or ocdc. So the next time when you cut it your going to throw grass right back into her beds. Also grass stuck to drive way a good hard bresstle push broom dose the trick.

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