Doing good the first Job(not)

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by mwalz, Apr 30, 2014.

  1. mwalz

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    Might have to carry a broom with me for those occasions. My grandma has one she never uses. I'm sure she would let me use it. Dor this ladys lawn, i will use the discharge on it so it doesn't fly everywhere. I got 80% of it out of her flower beds and didn't look too bad. I cut hers again Saturday so I will see how it goes.
  2. Ditta&Sons

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    Ya, you dont wanna look like a hack, it was preventable like the guys said, chop it down a tad with the trimmer, then go at it with the mower raised high...dont point the chute towards the flower beds next time lol...a lot of people do two perimeter sweeps first, just so you dont turn the mower close to beds and walkways. make sure your turns are right hand turns. And ya, you should have a sturdy hard bristle push broom for the grass marks that the blower wont remove.
  3. weeze

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    well it depends. the flowerbeds probably looked like crap too. no mulch and overgrown with weeds. they usually are on these types of properties so you wouldn't even notice if you discharged grass all into the flower beds. :laugh:
  4. mwalz

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    Haha, i have a few properties like that, and the homeowner doesn't say a word, it makes life easier on me. The discharge on the side is put on for tomorrow. Hopefully it makes the clippings not end up in a nice row.
  5. SRT8

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  6. redmax fan

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    ide take my big bad redmax 8500 backie to it first blowing water down into soil or up into air to dry it a bit

    then ide cut it one time and shut down mower and do other stuff , whip / edge

    while your doing that the lawn is drying up a bit more

    then ide blow a bunch of clippings off the lawn into street to either chop up with mower there then rake into garbage can , or just rake into can without chopping

    then mow twice more

    cutting in different directions for sure
  7. mwalz

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    Yeah, i wish i had the 8500, and my 36 only took 3 times across the lawn, that's why cutting it 3 times was no big deal. i cut it mostly different ways, hopefully today i don't have any issues with anything like that.
  8. JCLawn and more

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    How did you survive last summer??? or did it not rain like a rain forest. Quite a few of my lawns were growing an inch a day.
  9. mwalz

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    Well last year i didn't have my 36". I can't hardly get myself to use my old 21" unless i absolutely have to. Anyways, I always use the side discharge on it, and it only threw clippings a few feet at most, my 36" throws the crap everywhere. But the 36 is also less work.
  10. JCLawn and more

    JCLawn and more LawnSite Fanatic
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    would imagine on a 36 you would need to blow in 4 times before blowing out, but maybe you know that.

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