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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by yankeesdood16, Jul 8, 2006.

  1. yankeesdood16

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    I havent said anything in a while and just thought to say that I'm doing pretty good with my business. I had to mow in the rain a couple times last week. There was one time last friday that I should not have been out there, I started mowing a yard and it started to thunder but then it started getting louder and finally it started to rain and the lightning got real close so I got mower into truck and got into truck and waited it out. After it stoped raining but with lightning in the distance I got back out and finished. The storm itself lasted about 15 mins, that yard takes me about a 1/2 hr to do with mowing, trimming and cleaning up. I would not have even started the yard but it needed to be done and I try not to do yards on the weekends so I was obligated to get it done and I did. Other than that everything is going good. I've gotten one more yard and I might be getting one down the street soon. Next year I'm really going to get this thing(my business) going. I'll get a sign put on the truck, my aunt and uncle own a sign shop in tampa and they said they'd make one for me.
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    Well good luck this year. I'm sure you will get things up and going big time in 2007!!! Good LUCK:clapping:
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    you sound excited and happy with yourself.i hope things just keep getting better for you.dont forget though life isnt all beer and skittles.always take the good with the bad .all the best mate

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    Its a good thing you jumped in your truck, its one of the safer places in a thunder storm, worse place is under a tree i believe.

    Good luck *aussieflag*

  5. yankeesdood16

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    Yea that storm was pretty bad, it rained really hard for like 15 mins and the lightning was pretty bad. Like I said before I did get to finish the yard after the rain stoped.

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