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I graduated from college in Dec. of 2000 and like so many of my friends, I could not find a job. Luckily, a fellow rugby player who had become dissillusioned with the corporate machine had started a very successfull company called Terra Systems in Charlotte and gave me a good job that I loved and introduced me to the green industry. God bless you Bill. Unfortunately, he decided to sell his company to move to the mountains to open a Nursery with his family. So, I spent the next two years trying to work and start a business of my own in different industries. I failed three times miserably! In the mean time my father lost almost everything he had and my mother found out she has a rare genetic liver disorder and I moved back with them to help out. We put our heads together and decided that we should start our own Lawn and Landscape Co. I still have some good friends in the industry and they have been willing to help with referrals and answering questions. This will be out first spring, I just got my equipment, and I have 2 commercial bids and some residential bids to send out and the season has'nt even started so I am excited. My mother runs the office and does the bookkeeping because of her accounting background and she can work from home because of her illness she does'nt feel like doing a lot. I want this to be a family business with family ideals. Hardwork, Honesty, and Family. Any advise and ideas is greatly appreciated.
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I think you're off to a great start. If I could counsel you on one thing, it would be persistence. This is something that you've GOT o have to really make it, I believe. Good luck, and God bless you, as well.

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