Doing lawncare in college?

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by John From Florida, Jan 27, 2012.

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    Yeah my friends laughed at me for going home on Fridays instead of staying at school and partying...but I was the one making $800 a day and coming out of school with no debt! I think the best way to get more yards is just networking. Go to and make business cards that look professional. I asked my good customers if they knew anyone looking for lawn care and gave them like 10 business cards to hand out to their friends. I also got tee-shirts made for the first time this year. They were only 8.75 a shirt, and i got door magnets for my truck which were 60 dollars. You can do it.
  2. John From Florida

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    A good friend of mine also recommended vistaprint. This is sounding more doable each day. Thanks for the advice!
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    Yes, right on :) Diversifying & getting your name out there through a variety of media is so important. Great advice!
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    Hey John,

    I started with the same situation. I am currently a college student in the western suburbs of Chicago, and started officially last year. Im majoring in Air Traffic Control and that has nothing to do with this business.

    The year before (2010) I helped a buddy out that had about 20 residential lawns and did it with a 22" mower from the back of his truck. I took over his cash business while working another job and made it official in 2011. Quit my other job, still going to school full time and made it a really successful business already (I believe)

    I would recommend to get a small truck like a dakota to start with, maybe sell you car? But you dont have to, everyone starts somewhere. Make sure you do have a trimmer, thats a must, a blower helps, but a broom will do if your waiting a few weeks for cash flow.

    As for advertisement, take advantage of the flyers you can create on word or something. I printed them out at school because they were free. I have received around 7 people this year alone from craigslist, using the college student idea. is amazing, join their email subscription and you get 90% of everything for free just pay a little higher for shipping because its coming out of Canada. I used for the doorhangers and ordered 5,000 for a great price. So far that has grabbed a bunch of people.

    You can do it!!!

    If you have any questions feel free to PM me.

    I forgot to mention to start a website for free, you can do that with a bunch of free sites. Just google it. Mine is from I purchased a domain name now, check it out if you want.

  5. John From Florida

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    Thanks Joe, that was a very thorough response! After seeing all the responses to my original post, there's no denying the possibilities in this. The major step would just be deciding to do it, getting my name out there in the form of advertising, and not being afraid to sell myself.
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    I do not wish to sound like a party poo-per. But, If you only have a push mower and a car how many times a day or week are you going to want to lift that mower and put in the trunk? Also having gas cans rolling around. What about insurance? If you discharge a rock and hit someone you will be working for free after college. Oh and do not forget your city, state and federal government you will need to claim your income. How about sales and use? Is it required in your state? In the end maybe it would be easier to go and work for a lawn company. Just my opinion
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    If you have the determination, you can do it. I took 20 credits at my college, did 52 yards on the weekend, and also trained for boxing for the Pennsylvania Golden Gloves. I kept all customers happy and made bank, finished with a 3.77 gpa, and won the State Championship and qualified for the Olympic Team. It's all how far you want to go in life. "If your not first, your last." - ricky bobby lmao
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    Good concern. Initially, I most likely wouldn't take out insurance, seeing as how the business might not take off in the way it was predicted to. As things progressed that would be the first thing I'd look at adding, no doubt.
  9. John From Florida

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    That's insane dedication. What kind of equipment did you start with?

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