Doing the impossible

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by greenflag, Jun 30, 2002.

  1. greenflag

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    After almost 3/4" of rain Friday night, I was left with three yards to mow Saturday morning. I got up & put on a fresh set of doubles, cleaned & sprayed the decks, & lowered the air pressure in my drive tires. ( that last one is a jeep trick for extra traction, I had some hills to deal with)

    AS I finished mowing the first yard another LCO stopped. He was on the way to get oil & filters for his equipment, because he couldn't mow. He told me it was impossible for me to have mowed that yard with it that wet, & a mulch plate, & it look that good. He demanded to know how I did that.

    I just smiled & told him it was a trade secret.:D

    He said, "Someone in heaven must be smiling on you, because no one else could do that."

    I replied "There is someone up there, & I promise he is wearing a BIG smile right now!"

    I just want to thank all of you guys for being my "Trade Secret".

    Thanks Guys!!!

  2. I have had a few guys ask how we got to cut a lot of tall lawns only one time, and I told them special blades.

    ERIC will live long in our hearts.
  3. Currier

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    Good job Geenflag. you know ole Eric was lovin every minute of it!
  4. MOW ED

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    What machine were you mowing with?

    Ain't it a great feeling!!!
  5. lasher66

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    What blades were you running ? I run doubles and it still clumps up if the grass is to wet. I use regular on the bottom and gators on top. Thanks

  6. greenflag

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    I was using a 32" Great Dane, & double Gators. I had a very small amount of clumping at the mulch plate. It was nothing that a wave of a blower wouldn't disperse.

    One thing for sure is the double Gators are loud!

    I always had always used high lift & gators before, I just happed to have two sets of gators sharp.

  7. Runner

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    You just answered your own question.;) The Gators are wgat are clumping your grass. As Eric always said, and so do I Gators are NOT for grass. They are better suited for leaves. I grass, wet grass especially, you tend to get little "balls" of grass dispersing. I have always had great results with Highlifts on botom, and low, or no-lift mulchers on top. These mulching blades can be either dual OR tri-level. Now, some have said they can USE gators while mowing. I've just never seen a set in use do a good job. I HAVE seen aLOT of them in use for grass though. The results all came out about the same. I hope this helps.

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