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Or should I say a million and 1! I posted a few months ago about starting and asked all the basic questions on what to charge and blablabla. Well I went and got my DBA ,1 mill in liability, checking acct, had cards made,Having an ad ran in a local paper that covers most of the county.In the process of having a web site built.And have all mu equipment ready to go.
My 1st question is do you guys thing that 8 ads area good amount in the paper or should I do more. they will start mid march with a home improvement special with a 3x3 ad, then april will have a lawn care and landscaping special with another 3x3 ad. may and june will run a 2.5x2 ad every other week in the lawn care/landscaping. with another 3x3 ad in the fall home care special.Do you pros think that it is enough or should I try to run it all summer, right up until the fall home care? Considering what I will be running above is a little over 400 and I
can always ad more to it as I go but of course the price goes up.
Another question I had was I see guys posting about commercial accounts that pay by the week,all year long on contract. How when and were do I find these. Do I shop in the beginning of the year(jan) or should I look now? just go in and ask if there taking bids? with bizz cards in hand or what?


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Newpaper ads are dying big time... 40 years ago the local advertizer was a weekly paper and one could get any kind of business going, with a 3 line ad... hopefully you'll get calls, but I would invest more in door hangers and person to person door knocking... good luck...

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I spent $1600 last spring doing what your doing, got one mulch job from it.
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my area has a lot of people from nyc buying weekend homes. The paper that I will be running the advertisement in is directed towards them. every body I know that is self employed is has used this paper to advertise there services and have had good luck with it.I tried the door hangers a few years ago when I was doing seal coating and put out almost 4000 door hangers and never got one call!