Doing this full time with a full time job

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by mikewhit1010, Mar 20, 2008.

  1. mikewhit1010

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    Hey everyone I have read a lot of post on here and I want to give some words of encourgement. I have been in this business before but nothing like what I have currently grown my business to. I am at 36 accounts. Which includes an apartment complex, church, storage shed, and a large account with a property management company. I currently have atleast 2-3 landscape projects weekely. No this is not cleaning up leaves or trimming trees.

    I do this all with a full time job. I work 8-5 and I have to leave to work at 7 and get home at 530. I work in a corporate office and during this cooler months I bid jobs at lunch and sometimes get a quick mow in. I havent low balled or anything and I have done this all since October 5 2007. I am not bragging but telling you guys that are having problems to hang in there. I could be at a lot more accounts if I did this as my main priority. For you guys thinking about quitting your jobs make sure you have enough work for the slow season. For you young guys stick with it. I graduated from a private school (TCU) and got made fun of when I got back into this. My first year I should push just under 55K. With my full time salary I should make just about 100K. True I have worked myself to the bone. Lost one relationship in the process (She needed to go anyway) and have been sleep deprived for the last 9 months but it is worth it. Young guys do what you can.

    Once again you do this job and you are succesful by working 7 days a week and doing it when the sun gets up and goes down. When it goes down that is when you start doing your books.

    Thanks for listening to my story. I can show you pictures of work if you are interested.
  2. POPO4995

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    I also have a full-time job besides landscape & snow removal. And a reserve deputy for the sheriffs office. The only reason I have the other job is for the insurance. Well, the money is nice too.:rolleyes:I have lost a woman in the process but that will happen. I know what you are talking about, I wouldnt have it any other way.:usflag:
  3. mikewhit1010

    mikewhit1010 LawnSite Senior Member
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    I am still here for the insurance as well. Its funny how women dont stick around when you are lawn mowing. Ohhh welll.
  4. POPO4995

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    Yeah, I told her up front that this is me, like it or dont. She thought she would change me.....:rolleyes:
  5. Wrobel#1

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    yaa i've been doing that for 3 years know working 90 hours weeks i'm 23 with half gary hairs. well here comes another crazy season lol
  6. mobileboy

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    trying to do the same with a wife who works 6 days a week running her own hair salon and a job that I work at least 45 hours a week. Started out just looking for a landscape re-do here or there; maybe a lawn. Now it is out of control.. I get at least 3-4 new jobs each week. These are big jobs (2-5 k landscape jobs). I also got an HOA contract for 11,000 worth of work in 2008...on accident! It's gotten to the point that I'm just turning everyone down. I've already committed to more than I can do in 2008. it would be feasible if I didn't have a 2 year old daughter, but I just refuse to trade my time with my sweet little girl. Man I love landscaping. Might go for it next season.
  7. larryinalabama

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    I have a full time job <insurance> Carry 9 accounts, do some other small jobs besides. Im currently building a new house and remolding another by myself. Also I have 3 yr old boy and a 6mo old girl.
    Also Im no spring chicken Im 43.

    Fellers IM TIRED
  8. mikewhit1010

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    Im tired too. But its worth the cash and I love it. Good luck to everyone. I have decided to go full time next April. Boss at work just found out and said its cool as long as I dont use company time other then a few phone calls and emails. Dodged a bullet there.
  9. All_Toro_4ME

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    I work full time also and do this part time. Can't complain, lost a gf last year, but she needed to go. Have a new gf now and things are wonderful. Business is great.
  10. mobileboy

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    Anyone out there doing this full time have an insurance policy for the family that they like? I'm scared to death to leave my current job and the 890 dollar/month blue cross family plan that we're on.

    Girls that leave a motivated guy are going to be sorry when they end up with the next mud-head. Serves 'em right. My wife loves the fact that I'm doing this. She came out and helped me finish my last job and had a good time planting annuals and watering everything in. My two year old even planted a marigold. Good times.

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