Doing this full time with a full time job

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by mikewhit1010, Mar 20, 2008.

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    I know you guys didn't ask, but I'm attaching a before and aft of my last little landscape job. I had alot of fun doing this one. Super nice client! Should have been, I undercharged the hell out of him! lol! Oh, well. Live and learn.


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    Well hopefully we will all be ful time someday. For me the time is not right now. I dont wand to jump in and have to jump out. If your unsure just stay part time and improve your situation. Im 43v and hope to be in lawn care until I retire so I want a sucessful business and if that mean waiting a year or two its ok
  3. mobileboy

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    I agree. I'm going to try and save 4 months salary to have as reserve if something doesn't go as planned when I eventually make the jump. I can always come running back to my current occupation if need be. Just don't want to go that route! Good luck Larry! May success be yours when you do decide the time is right.
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    Like many of us in here, I have a full-time job as well and again, like many, I stick around just for the benny's. Its tough, probably one of the toughest things I've had to endure. Between balancing career, lawn care business and family its got me going in ten different directions. Luckily my Wife is very understanding when it comes to this, shes not too understanding when it comes to the price of some of the equipment,lol. The hardest thing about doing it this way is the employee's or lack there of! We're at a point for the last couple of years that we've needed to hire help and just no luck, its really discouraging sometimes. We're up to about around 50 clients both residential and commercial, a 52 unit cond complex and a 35 unit condo complex. I am seriously thinking of subbing out or just selling off everything but my condo's and a handfull of residential and commercial accounts next year.

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