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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by gkell88, Dec 8, 2001.

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    We currently do chem. work on some major properties for a local Maint. company that mows, irrigates, and does basic maintenance.

    We have very high standards, charge well for them, and this arrangement has worked well in this situation. I would like to attract more of this type of work, but a search of this forum told me that many of the Maint. companies have been burned by subbing the chem. work out. To the point that many do it themselves.

    How should I approach more maint. companies who have been burned before with the prospect of hiring us to do their chem. work? What would be the best way to convince them to give me a chance? Would references help with these natural born cynics?;)
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    wish I knew the answer to your question. I have tried to hook up with other LCO and have only been sucessful with my friends. It is hard to get a lic in Fla. Therefore we do not have many LCO-PCO. I have tried to explain to them what PC can do for there bus. I think it is because I am also a LCO they think I'll take their bus. In fact at one time I was tring to get out of LCO and just do PCO. haft of them are doing PC illegal and not doing a good job of it. Fla. is supose to give $5000. fines to illegal operaters but most of them just get a warning letter. I think it is the idea of beening indepent and running the hold show that keeps LCO from sub work to PCO. I would have to say it is a matter of who you know not what you know.

    I sure hope that someone posts a reply that has a better answer than I do.
  3. Frankly if an LCO does not have a pesticide license they are nothing more than lawn scrubs.

    So why do you want to do business with those that are of the lowest common denominator?
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    Stone when I read you're posts I can't help but to think.........
    This must be the Village Idiot........ I know many hard working lawn care........ Well............ What's the point...........

    PS- You are no asset to LawnSite
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    There are alot of good maintenance companies that don't do pesticides. I know of some around here, that do aLOT in annual sales, and don't TOUCH chemicals. Here's an idea. If you could describe a program that would give a lawn service a nice thick, lush green lawn, without have to co cut 6 inches a week during the growing season, you could also ask them. "Would that help your profits?" "If I can give you a nice full lawn that isn't all wimpy and laying down just to keep it green, would that help?" Well, you can do just that, and deliver on it. Some of my jobs wont even even get any nitrogen in the spring, because they already have enough. See, I do my programs exactly backwards of what everyone else does. I don't need the nitrogen, because I don't need 6 to 8 inches of growth a week in the spring. Instead, I focus on potassium. Build a nice carpet. You'll get plenty of growth out of it, anyway. THIS, in itself, could be an incentive for a service to use you. Another thing, is offer a kickback, of sorts. Almost like a small commission. It can easily be made up in costs. Just some ideas. Lawrence, with all due respect, sir, as far as companies that don't have their cert. being scums, that is so far fetched. I wish you could meet my friend Kurt. He only did about about a half mill this year and doesn't TOUCH pesticides. I bet he wishes he could afford HIS certification and licensing.

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