Doing zero turns with a single-drive walk behind...

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by dmbhmg, Jan 2, 2002.

  1. It take technique, but it does not tear up the turf.

    That happens if your GOING TO FAST.

    How do you think that a WB turns?

    True zero turn is not necessary, how do you think they mowed before zero turning mowers?

    I ran belt drives for years and rarely tore any turf up.

    As with any mower it take technique to use.
  2. johnnywalker

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    I'll bet the belts ran alot slower than the hydros on the turns. Half the technique with the dinasaurs is a slower turning method.
  3. I run all hydro's or ZTR's, and 1 belt 36".

    Turn all WB's just like they were belts, but they will smoke a belt drive any were and every were.
  4. Nathan

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    There is a reason the single hydro's are so cheap, they aren't worth while for commercial use. Most quality customers will not settle for tear marks on each turn.
    Spend the extra money on a true hydro or accept the fact that you will only retain lesser quality customers.
  5. Nathan: is this just your thought or fact?

    Either way it is untrue. There is absolutly nothing wrong with belt drive or single drive hydros. They do not tear turf up at ever turn, as a matter of fact, a hydro will tear up the turf more than a belt drive.

    As far as retainging customers, an LCO here runs 230 52" belt drives, yes 230. They have no problem retaining customers.

    Cheap, aint nothing cheap.
  6. Richard Martin

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    I should also point out that the Ferris single drive hydro has been in production longer than any other hydro walkbehind mower. I used one of these mowers for a long time and there never was any problem with tearing up turf on turns.

    Just so Nathan knows, these mowers aren't exactly cheap. The pricing usually falls right in between a belt drive and a dual hydro mower.
  7. Nathan

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    You guys may have had other experience but we have gained many customers after they fired other companies for tearing up grass with the mowers. Yes, I have used all three types of mowers and agree that belt drives are very easy to turn without tearing turf, dual hydro's are even easier. If anyone thinks that a dual hydro is difficult to turn without tearing, they need more experience. Anyhow, my question is why you would put your services at a disadvantage by starting out with less than the best equipment. It is true that you have to spend money to make money.
  8. That's been my saying for many years.

    That's because they were piss poor LCO's not the mowers.

    The mower doesn't tear the turf up, the operator does.
  9. dmbhmg

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    I've been mowing for about six years now, with my current seven customers, and have only lost one customer to date(it was a gas station, who said the other guy is cheaper...). I have yet to do this job full time for myself, but plan to in the near future, maybe in the future I can justify a larger machine, but for now the ferris is more than enough. And it wasn't that cheap to begin with!
  10. geogunn

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    I can't imagine why you would think turning the mower would "stress it". it is designed with turns in mind!

    any way, belt or hydro. it's the one point turn that's important because if you are mowing and you do a zero turn-180 then you are going back where you done been!


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