Doll Hair Effect

Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by Smallaxe, Oct 6, 2011.

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    I started the aeration season right after the Labor Day weekend and ran multiple passes over areas that needed complete renovation while other small patches were just part of the aeration process...
    The large areas with multiple passes were leveled with a weasel and seeded, sometimes with compost. Some small patches were not roughed up with the weasel due to time constraints, but seed was sprinkled there to see if the plugs would support any seed growth...

    Well they did not... but I do have many lawns with these bald spots now filled in with doll hair type plugs. The Question is:

    Do these plugs ever survive through one year's growth? and beyond that, do they ever spread lik ryegrass and KGB normally would?
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    Good questions, Ax.
    Has anybody tried this? That is, pick up the cores in one area and compare to an area where the plugs were allowed to remain? And is it better to aerate before or after seeding? Or after dragging to break up the cores, or seed then drag?

    As to the tufts of grass in the core holes. Will it spread? I don't know. Ryegrass not much...Kentucky bluegrass...seems to me like it should.

    Maybe the Weasel people have data.
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    I've never dragged or broken up the cores, which I think I might change for future aerations... but even if the plugs did dissolve into the holes, it looks to me like the 'crowns' of the grass are too deep, once the holes close up...

    If that's the case, then the seed was wasted. Perhaps dragging the plugs with the seed may get some germination on 'top' of the ground...

    That was kind of my question as to whether I should expect those hair plugs to survive past Spring? I've seen them in the Spring, but don't recall ever seeing them by the end of summer when I'm investigating bald spot again... :)

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