Dollar spot every where!

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by EVM, Aug 6, 2009.

  1. EVM

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    I am seeing dollar spot every where. I never saw this much dollar spot before and some of my own lawns have it too. Besides spraying a fungicide what will the curative application do? Will those dollar spots that have burned down the grass blade permanently leave a dead spot in the lawn? Or will new growth sprout from the crown?
  2. Whitey4

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    I have never seen dollar spot progress past scattered leaf lesions before, while admitting I haven't been in the squirt biz all that long, but it has advanced to the white cobweb stage on many of my lawns in areas that get no morning sunlight. The kill is complete once those white hairlike cobwebs show up. Dead grass, straw collored, spot from 2 to 6 inches.

    The damage from the early red thread onslaught is still visable, now this.

    I know a guy here, been in the biz forever, and he said this is the worst lawn fungus season since 1978. I have no reason to doubt him.

    The killer is, how many customers think it's my fault? Especially the new ones? then, add in the people who think their fungus infested creeping bentgrass looks like hell because of me.... not understanding that this stuff is a weed anyway...

    This has been a very frustrating season.
  3. olive123

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    dollar spot is avoided by a solid fert. program. You can apply fert and it will help

    LIBERTYLANDSCAPING LawnSite Bronze Member
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    Ha, maybe in Florida:rolleyes: While a good fert program is essential & applying fert now will help, it does not keep it all away. If this were the case, golf courses would not spend 1,000's of dollars each year to keep it from eating up their turf.

    Long term solution-Disease resistant cultivars. Short term solution in residential lawns-Sell them an application of Armada from Bayer. It's a wettable powder that you can run through your Z. I Use large nozzles & slow down to 2.5mph to get good leaf coverage @ 1.5 gal/k

    Don't stress over it-Educate the customer about what it is & why it is there, then make a bunch of extra money taking care of it for them:usflag:payup

    PM me if you want a few tips & brochures on selling it.....

    LIBERTYLANDSCAPING LawnSite Bronze Member
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    It's been a horrible year for disease here too! This July set the record for coldest July. June was cool, overcast & drizzly-not enough rain to get a bunch of top growth, but enough to keep the leaf blades wet for long periods of time=Red Thread GALORE! Don't know how many customers I explained in early June that the weather would get warmer & conditions that lead to Red Thread would go away & it would go away as well...and then the weather never improved:cry: Oh well, sold a bunch of fungecide:cool2:
  6. hughmcjr

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    Same here with Summer patch. I see it everywhere and it doesn't matter how well you maintain the turf with water/chemicals if fungicides are not used and I don't use them regularly or have it as part of my service cost.
  7. turf hokie

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    It might help, but I have lawns that we put down nutrients plus 16-2-3 3 weeks ago that have it, other lawns with 24-0-8 merit from lesco that have it as well. The weather here is just prime for dollar spot, the catch 22 is that some of the lawns with dollar spot have brown patch as add some fert the dollar spot goes away but the brown patch feeds....most customers seem to just throw their hands up at the price of the fungicide app and are willing to wait for the seeding to start in about 2 weeks.

    The lawns not on a solid fert program a worse. The only ones that dont have it right now are being fed with 16-2-3 every 4 weeks. Not everyone wants to pay for this monthly service though......
  8. Whitey4

    Whitey4 LawnSite Silver Member
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    This is just one of those years... even a good fert program won't keep dollar spot away.

    Hokie, I'm in agreement and in the same boat. I have applied fungicide to my own lawn 4 times since May, and beleive me, it's well ferted, but I have some damage to my turf as well. I am getting more fungicide apps, but we all know how that goes, people spend the money they want 100% results, and it just doesn't work that way. I do my best to tell them it will help a lot, but it won't cure the problem.
  9. EVM

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    In a perfect world; maybe. My lawns have solid fert but when you get weather that extends leaf wetness, nothing will stop the fungus other than a pre app fungicide.
  10. EVM

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    Yeah Liberty, I use the Armada/grey one gallon tips but cruise at 4 mph on the Z. My lawns were clear until we had high humidity, heavy rain on Wednesday around 6-7 PM, then 4 inches of rain around 5-6 PM on Friday. The lawns never dried out until the next day, and we also had heavy rain on Sunday around 12 PM. No fungus on my lawns on Friday, I come back this week and dollar spot galore on some, the neighbors yards are riddled with dollar spot also. It is a real shame because the lawns have NEVER been this green in August since I have been in the business.

    I called the customers and told them to shut the irrigation off for a week. All of the customers told me to come out and treat for the fungus.

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