Dollar Spot Question


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What's the best type of control which one can use to prevent/control the damaging effects of dollar spot and brown patch???

An article in TURF magazine several months ago stated that the fungi which was responsible for this two diseases was a subsurface fungi.

Which type of control would be better....LIQUID or GRANULAR?


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Sprayable fungicides act quicker against the enemy but have a much shorter residual. Granulars work well and have about 4-5 week residual but are very costly compared to liquids. Best advice is tell the customer to take it easy on the irrigation system.


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If you have dollar spot, make sure you've done all the preventative culturl practices. The biggest cause of dollar spot that I have experienced is a poor root system. With a thin or shallow root system the plant doesn't have the ability to take up the nitrogen that that has been applied (nitrogen deficiency is a large cause of dollar spot). Make sure you have aerated well (at least 3 inches in depth). On most all of our properties we have almost eliminated dollar spot with aeration (core or "Aero Vator") and a regular fert program . At least enough that we don't have to spray with a fungicide any more.

With Brown Patch, make sure the irrigation is running at night when the turf will be wet from the dew already. The length of time in which the turf is wet really fuels brown patch. Mowing one notch shorter may or may not help, but sometimes it will help add a little more air circulation help expedite the drying process. With ours, it has been, the thicker the turf, the more brown patch we see
(figures huh). Excess nitrogen also adds to brown patch by elongating the plant cells and thining the cell wall. Allowing the pathogen to enter the plant easier. Our best results with fungicides have been with systemic type (Cleary's 3336 is one we sometimes use).