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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by lawnboy23, Jun 7, 2003.

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    we have a yard that is kentucky blue grass and it has brown spots that are starting to form. from what i understand these are called dollar spots. from what i hear it is some type of fungus that causes this, which would explain it, the yard doesn't drain the best. i have done some reading on this , but would like to know what you pro's do, to get rid of these spots any input would help
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    If it is in fact dollar spot, there are two ways of dealing with it: 1 - spray with a fungicide. Daconil, benomyl and others work well on dollar spot, however, repeated use of benomyl will likely result in some resistant strains of dollar spot. A mix of benomyl and daconil will work for about 30 days (this is the cheapest method I have found, but there may be others. 2 - fertilize the lawn with 1/2 #/1000 sf of urea fertilizer + 4-8 oz. of a true chelate iron (don't use ferromec, I prefer Lawn-Plex) dissolved in water. This won't eliminate D.S., but will "mask' it by produing a better looking lawn. I've used the #2 method on bent greens with good sucess.


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