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    Slow down, Speedy! It's just dollar spot! If you're not managing golf course putting greens, don't worry so much about it.

    Remember, dollar spot is an indication of improperly low N. Adding more just brings you to sufficiency levels. Bumping up the N will be a good idea for both warm season and cool season grasses. Warm season grasses don't usually have any problems with more N and the high N diseases of cool season grasses aren't active under the same conditions as dollar spot. P, K, and micronutrients have absolutely nothing to do with it, as long as your soil test levels aren't deficient.

    Since my days in the university years ago, dollar spot was a rare treat (or oddity) in lawns. Then, LCOs began to buy into the fert sales pitch that 30%+ slow release N in their fert mixes was good. The result was N starved turf and more dollar spot.

    The cheap bag of urea will do more for your lawns than that expensive Lesco or Harrell's stuff any day. The scientific research backs it up. But, LCOs don't like to listen to research as much as they like to listen to salesmen.

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