Dolmar 4-cycle BP blower review

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing Equipment' started by Valk, May 12, 2013.

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    This Dolmar 4-cycle backpack blower (model # PB-7601.4) runs on straight no 2-stroke oil is needed. The sump has a volume of ~7.4oz with an initial break-in oil change at 20hrs, then every 50hrs. Like most handhelds, there's no hour I'm quite sure I'll be changing it more often than is recommended. I paid $400 -> tax not included.

    This is my 2nd BP blower...the other is a RedMax 8001, used since '09 I believe. I'm a big proponent of quality 2-stroke oil (Stihl Ultra) mixed into ethanol-free premium (91 octane) fuel. The RM8001 is still running strong, VERY strong.

    The Dolmar engine is manufactured by Makita Numazu. It is exactly the same displacement as RedMax current big boy's 8500 at 75.6cc...though the RM is rated at 4.43 hp while the Dolmar is rated at 3.8 hp. I fully realize my 8001 is no 8500 in terms of power, but it certainly moves a LOT of air.

    Dolmar vs RedMax 8001:
    First off, the Dolmar is lighter by a couple pounds at least...and I'll estimate that the entire blower casing is 3/4s the size of my RM8001 in nearly all dimensions. The Dolmar is much more comfortable to put on and wear/operate...mainly because there is less back fatigue due to the unit's weight being closer to the body requiring less leverage to hold it up.

    Powerwise, I'll say the RedMax moves more air...and is definitely louder while doing so. The Dolmar does not move the same volume of air, but due to its slightly narrower tube opening it feels and looks like it is more efficient at dislodging items in cracks as well as grass stuck to concrete. In the short time I've been using this Dolmar, it has gained more power most likely due to engine break-in. It is also quieter, but not by a huge margin. It is more than capable of my daily solo route of mow-trim-blow-go. Like I said, it moves the debris differently than my RedMax...I'm even coming to the conclusion that it moves debris from a farther distance better than my 8001. Perhaps this has to do with mph of the air leaving the tube? Since I don't readily know the specs of my old RM8001 I can't say for sure. But I will speculate that the numbers on the Dolmar may be conservatively rated.

    Ease of starting:
    This Dolmar is a BREEZE to start. 2 pulls in the morning...first with choke on, the second with choke off...and it is ready to go! One pull the rest of the day with the choke off is all it takes...period. Full power in nearly immediately at your fingertips in the AM...and she is GTG the rest of the day upon restart.

    Ease of use:
    While my RM8001 has a separate hip throttle on the left side, this Dolmar has a tube mounted throttle with a separate finger-operated cruise control lever for optional continuous use overiding the spring loaded trigger throttle.

    I'll give this blower a proper workout come Autumn leaf time...and compare directly with the RM8001. At this point I'll guess that large piles will be easier for the RM...but this is several months away and I'll report back then.

    2-stroke backups are a Stihl FS-80r and the above mentioned RM8001. Both start & run very well and I've been pleased with their reliability & performance. The Stihl did require a new ignition module, but that is it b/tw the two as far as parts replacement......other than routine maintenance items.

    Yep, I'm very impressed. In my quest of operating w/o mixed gas during the workday, this Dolmar 4-cycle blower definitely compliments my recently purchased Honda 4-cycle 35cc trimmer. Both only require regular unleaded (86 octane) even though I use only ethanol-free fuel for my equip, this will save money over buying premium -> while eliminating the need to purchase 2-stroke oil. So in essence, this Dolmar blower AND my Honda trimmer have already begun to pay for themselves.

    These 4 cycle HHs are both quieter than their 2-stroke counterparts, the trimmer especially...and there is no 2-stroke oil odor on/for me, for my customers...and for my customer's neighbors to inhale/smell. So, I figure I'm doing myself a favor (pollution-wise) in this process of switching to 4-cycle handheld equipment.
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    i've considered getting one of these. i was just wondering about how much power they have. i had heard they aren't as powerful as say a br600 for example. i was wanting something with more power than the br600 i currently have. so far i know the husqvarna bts580 is alot more powerful than the br600. it would be interesting to know how the dolmar compared to these two backpack blowers.
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    I hear ya. Pretty sure the stats for my RM8001 are somewhere in the archives around here...and pretty sure I'm not going to take the time to track them down. And since the blower is 4+ yrs old, who knows, right?

    Having never run a BR600 I've got no clue. Like I said, will guess the 8001 will be better at moving huge piles of leaves...but for the rest of the year this Dolmar will git'er done while saving me some money along the way. Cost considered (~$435), I feel I scored.

    For pure power, top-of-the-line RM/Husky is the only way to go. My RM dealer quoted me ~$570 for an 8500. So, ~$620 (tax included) is the price of admission.
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    Good review Valk. Pics would be nice too (if you can get some).

    Here's the ops manual for the 8001-

    As can be seen in the specs, the average air speed with the tube is 685 CFM and the max air speed is 201 mph.

    Everyone is enamored with the 580/8500. I keep trying to tell people to do a real world demo of them side by side to the 570/7500. If they do, they'll make the same choice I did- the 570. It is so close in the real world in performance on heavy leaves, but better at scouring by a noticeable degree, and several lbs lighter. Plus it sucks down less fuel doing it and costs less.

    Overall, the 570/7500 are the best blowers out at the moment purely from a performance perspective.
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    i need a backpack blower that is 250mph in the tube and 1000cfm in the tube and only weights 20-25lbs....and make it pure 4 stroke so it runs on straight gas. cost less than $500. :laugh:

    weight has never been much of an issue for me. my stihl sg20 backpack sprayer prolly weighs 40-50lbs when filled up with almost 5 gallons of spray. :laugh:
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    Great review!! Thanks. I have always been curious about Dolmar. A dealer near me really tries to push them on me. Im a Stihl guy but you never know....
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    WOW! Very cool, RG! Yes, I'll put this Dolmar in the same gist of conversation in that it scours better than my 8001.

    This Dolmar should not be thrown into the mix of he-man/big-boy blowers...cuz I don't think it's up there performance-wise. BUT, for weekly mow/trim/blow/go work it is up-to-the-task. Will bet the 570/7500 have a tad more oomph. But imho & until leaf season I'll be using this Dolmar and be saving some money while doing so for years to come.

    Unless I (and I won't, trust me!!) do a fuel usage comparison taking into account the 4-cycle fuel savings + the cost of NO 2-stroke oil mixed with premium E-free gas......I'll be saving some money every day/week/month that I use this blower with regular unleaded E-free. While it is quieter & with no 2-stroke's certainly assuring I have my old trusty 8001 ready to go as back-up if need be. Afterall, I made this purchase as my daily go-to & backup Autumn BP blower...and it is more than capable for what it needs to do until leaf season.

    When/if in doubt, buy a RM8500/7500 or Husq580/570...they require & will be money well spent.

    I'm surprised that neither Honda or Dolmar/Makita haven't come out with a behemoth 4-cycle BP. I would think it is w/in their technological know-how...and I believe there's a market for a quieter, more fuel efficient BP blower. Though, & I think it must be said, that anytime a LOT of air is being moved, it does require power and a LOT of noise to do so (think blade engagement on a commercial mower = helicopter volume). Case in point is how quiet my Honda trimmer is compared to smaller cc'd 2-strokes trimmers...but this Dolmar, while certainly being a bit+ quieter, is not near as stealthy as the above 35cc Honda trimmer.
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    i have some driveways where even the br600 doesn't have enough power. they are wide driveways so i'm forced to walk up one side and down the other to blow them off. if i had a 580 or 570 i could just walk down the middle one time and blow the whole driveway off in one pass. the br600 does fine on the normal sized driveways that are one lane wide. it's the 2 lanes wide or even 3 or more lanes wide driveways where the extra power would really save alot of time.
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    I am in no way trying to demean the Dolmar. I hope it didn't come off that way, and sorry if it did.

    I was just pointing out that so many like the 580/8500 because they are the biggest spec'd blowers out, but in the real world they, and the 570/7500 are almost identical in performance on heavy debris and the slightly smaller two are actually better at getting stuck down debris loose.

    I run a BR380 for my daily use. I break out the big boy when it is needed, but I keep many hours off it by using the 380, and it is more than enough for any daily use. I can actually reach out a long ways with it, as far or farther than the big blowers. It just doesn't have near the cfm's for heavy leaf use.

    I would be fine and happy with the Dolmar I am pretty darn sure, at least as far as performance goes. I just like simple machines because after all, I am a simple guy.:D

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