Dolmar 760.1 back pack review!!!!!

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by WREBELMACHINE, Oct 2, 2008.


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    Mine still runs strong and starts hot or cold no matter what. I have been very satisfied with the unit.
  2. Tharrell

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    I generally don't care much for the small handheld 4 strokes but this engine seems to be a little different and I love Robin equipment.
    You guys that have them, what have you done to keep the top end in shape? Valve adjustments, etc?

    WREBELMACHINE LawnSite Bronze Member
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    I change oil once a month and that is it. I have had to do nothing to mine but use it.
  4. mainstreet1984

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    dude I was using stihl, but no more...1st broke after 2.5 years of light use (50 custumers) second goes dead after 2 weeks, sorry but I have to state that stihl is a PC! adn I am sorry for waisting over $1000 for both! There trimmers arent that bad thoug.
  5. demhustler

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    what the update 4 this year?
    does Robin trimmers also good? ... though it might not tell much - Echos' trimmers - POS but blowers - ok...
  6. Stik

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    Did anyone figure out why the air volume specs are so much lower on the Makita (562 CFM vs 720 CFM)? All other specs on these two units appear identical. Are these really the same unit or is the Makita tuned down for some reason?

    The Makita unit is still on Amazon and I am considering purchasing it (Amazon lists the 720 CFM but the Makita shows it at 562 CFM). Thanks for the info.
  7. sdk1959

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    I just bought the Makita BBX7600 recently from Amazon for $399.99 including shipping and it is virtually the same blower as the Robin with the 76.6cc true 4-stroke engine (not 4-mix) which, by the way is really made by Subaru. I wrote a nice review for it. There are different specs quoted by different sellers, it IS a powerful blower so the lower specs quoted are most likely underated. BTW there is no across the board standard method of testing blowers anyway so I would not give much credence to manufacturer specs.

    This IS a commercial blower with a 3 year warranty. I already had the Makita 25cc 4-stroke handheld blower for 2 seasons which is rugged and reliable. That blower always started, was dropped several times, forgot to put stabel in the gas over winter still started easily this spring, and the BBX7600 75.6cc so far is more of the same.

    I had 2 leaf mulching jobs this past Saturday and used the hand-held Makita in my left hand and had on the Makita backpack and blower tube on my right hand. It proved a excellent combo, was able to get leaves out from under shrubs and away from the fence with either hand and did it for over a hour straight on the one property. Still felt good afterwards, both units have low vibration, are lightweight. Neighbors next to the one property were using their fire pit and commented I kicked a$$ with the leaves with my combo and how quiet the blowers are. Got all leaves where they could be mulched with the mower, did that and will be back in 2-3 weeks to do it again. Both blowers are great on gas, no mixing oil and gas, run better, definitely more efficient. Also if you never used a 4-stroke hand-held unlike a 2-stroke you have TOTAL throttle control. I also have a Honda 35cc 4-stroke trimmer which is also excellent in that regard because it is a 4-stroke engine.

    As far as service you don't always have to go to a "dealer" for service. A lot of independent guy's I found out can work on these, but so far I never needed them.
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  8. Stik

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    An upate for those considering the $399 Makita blower on Amazon and wondering about the different published specs (526 vs 720 cfm) between it and the Dolmar/Robin blowers.

    Makita sales counldn't really answer this question, so they put my in touch with one of their engineers. He confirmed that the blowers (Makita, Dolmar & Robin) are all identical (except for the color of the trim) and that there is absolutely no difference in their flow rates. He thought that the published Makita numbers were too conservative and suggested Makita might be correcting these specs at some time in the future.
  9. Alan0354

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    So how's the Dolmar/Makita/Robin bp hold up?
  10. VetteVert

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    Updates on this unit?

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