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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by Wiedmann, Aug 3, 2011.

  1. Wiedmann

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    I wanted to start a website and possibly get more exposure from it but my name is already taken. I have been thinking about what to do. I could just change from a .com to a .co, .net.... Or I could add a (-) in my domain name to keep it the same but i worry that people wouldn't remember or know to type that in when searching for me.. and then the last thing I thought of doing was adding LLC at the end of sine I am a LLC

    1. or



    I'd love any suggestions to this!
  2. Stillwater

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    #3 without question............
  3. vencops

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    shorter = better
  4. White Gardens

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    You could also track down the owner of the original Domain name that you wanted and try to buy it off of them.

    Just type in the domain in your browser address bar and see if a site pops up. Then go from there.

    Someone has already, and they haven't built a site for it or anything, and I'm in the process of trying to track them down and offer them money for it.

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    Finding domain names to match your already existing company name can be a bear. But like what was already mentioned you can always contact the owner of the domain you want and try to purchase it.
    I would most definitely use a .com! If you advertise with it you want something easy for people to remember without the hassle of a random .co etc, EVERYONE knows .com. is available, I am not sure if that is close enough or not.

    Well thats my 2cents
  7. MowHouston

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    Better domain names for your website, if you are doing business in Prole would be

    This is because search engines largely take into consideration the name of the website in respect to the keyword being searched.

    As long as you have good content on your website relating to lawn care and lawn service, using these types of domain names, no matter what the name of your business, is the best option.
  8. DoodyCalls Franchises

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    Purchasing a domain name that's already taken can be a major headache, but if you do decide to take that route, you can use to locate complete information on a domain name registrant. The service was built for this exact purpose and is the industry standard method for doing so.

    Note that if the domain is privately registered, the email address listed in the whois record will look a little strange - that's okay. It's just a proxy email address and your message will still be delivered to the owner's real email address.

    Good luck -
  9. MowHouston

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    To be honest, if you're actually doing your work in Prole, I wouldn't worry too much about trying to market your website except to have it on publications that you pass out such as door hangers, post cards, or business cards.

    With a town so small, you wont benefit much from website marketing.

    Now, if your plan is to be commuting to Des Moines to do your work, that is a different story.

    Its not to say that you shouldn't worry about having a website. There are just different purposes for the site depending on where your target market is. In smaller, rural, older populations they arent useful as a form of marketing.

    In larger cities with younger, more internet savvy populations, they work great.
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    Wow i got way more input that i thought from this which is awesome! I read all the suggestions and to answer them like my City is Prole, IA. I can't use it really as a marketing approach since it is made up of one post office and 10 houses! HAHA

    When thinking of shorting my website instead of 1stclasslawncare...... to
    Do you think people would struggle to remember this? or would this not be problem if i put it on my business card and invoices and so on?

    I'd love to have but if i remember it's taken by a person or company from texas. There isn't much information on it but there is some. I wish i could of been quicker in getting my business started but at age 20 i dont know how much quicker i could of done it. I don't know that i really need a website as I am still small as this is my first year but I figure I have to do something in order to gain business and promote my company. I'd like to go full time in the next few years.

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