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Domain name


LawnSite Senior Member
Hey guys im looking to get a site started. I have a few questions one of them being if i were to set one up with intuit or a similar place would i own the domain name i think thats what you call it. "greengrass.com" or whatever it may be? My concern is i would use one of those places to get started but down the road i would like to have a more professional one designed and keep the same .Com name.
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Western, MA
I don't know about intuit. When I've seen those sites they look pretty bad anyway. A web host like bluehost.com, hostgator.com, or godaddy.com has you buy the domain, and they either have page templates or an easy way to set up a website. Look into wordpress (www.wordpress.org)


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Portsmouth, NH
you can definitely keep your .com name, once you buy it its yours. Domain name registration and the actual file hosting (as far as i know) are two different things. I use GoDaddy to buy names and HostGator to host and park my domain names for future use. HostGator has its own html editor, if you have some experience with wysiwyg html editors. Customer service at HostGator is really decent.