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Domain Transferring


LawnSite Senior Member
Cincy, OH
Has anyone transferred their Domain Name? I have a website, but thinking of taking it elsewhere for a more professional look. Would need to change registrar. How hard and what does it involve?


LawnSite Senior Member
St Clair Shores
ITs simple actually.. Go here and use alternative as the promo code (if asked) and it will give you Free Domain transfer and more. Great site and Tons of free stuff. They make it seamless and simple.
Check it out...

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LawnSite Bronze Member
Beaver Falls PA
Why do you need to change the registar? Domain Registration and Domain hosting are two seperate and independent things. You can just repoint your domain with whatever registrar you are using.

If you want to change that is fine and it is easier than it used to be but if you are changing just because of hosting it is your choice if you wish to or now.