Domains via Yahoo for US $2.99 / year

Discussion in 'Digital Marketing' started by topsites, Mar 20, 2006.

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    Ever since I made the mistake years ago of paying 20 dollars / year for a domain, I am making up for it by refusing to pay more than 5 / year, and firmly believe deals for less than that are always available.

    Although paying more may appear to give the illusion that the process of dns resolution and other involvement may be less of a pain, rest assured this process, if it is to be a pain, is a pain regardless of the amount paid (and apparently, at least to some degree, regardless of the company involved).

    Now on this deal, if there is something else involved I could not tell, but it is being sold via Yahoo, right from their front page, 2.99 / year:
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    Yahoo domains aren't actually $2.99/year. It is for the first year of registration IF YOU ARE A FIRST TIME CUSTOMER, and after the first year it goes back up to around $10/yr.

    This was a stupid move by Yahoo! because their domain registration system sucks, along with their customer support. They just have an edge over competition because they're a portal that makes plenty of cash in several different fields.
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    Yeah, which is why they're number one LOL!
    Nobody ever said you'd be able to register it for 100 years at 2.99 / year, all it said was 2.99 / year, very wysiwyg.

    Far as their system sucking, I haven't found a service that makes it all so easy with dns changes and all the crap it is always a royal pain, doesn't really matter who you pick because I've paid a LOT of money before thinking things would be easier, and it's not.

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