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Discussion in 'Stolen Equipment' started by CorgiTurf, Jul 15, 2018.

  1. CorgiTurf

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    well, it happened. Never lock my truck at my house. Live in a rural area. Someone walked down my 300 foot driveway, went in my unlocked truck and took my wallet.

    I typically don’t leave my wallet in my vehicle but did this night.

    Went on a spending spree with my debit, credit, and business credit cards at 3 different Wal marts. Also amusement parks.

    Got my id, and some checks that I had not deposited yet.

    This is a real pain. Don’t get complacent leaving things in your car and unlocked! Especially you all living in subdivisions.
    Even in rural areas like myself.
  2. Mitty87

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    Brutal man I'm sorry I hope they catch the person and you are able to minimize the damage. On top of all that now you gotta wait to get new cheques and hope you can get them.
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  3. TPendagast

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    That sucks

    But I’m weird
    I’m naked without cell, knife, wallet, Glock 43 (sooooo much better than previous edc)

    It would be impossible for me to leave that stuff unwittingly behind

    I just recently became aware (through wife’s work experiences) that people leave their ID in their car pretty often or go out during the day and leave it at home, and that they don’t keep both the debit card and Id together on their person??

    I can’t farhom that this is normal?
    But apparently it is.

    Now all i see is naked people
    And it isn’t pretty
  4. Charles

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    :dizzy: Why would your wallet be out of your pocket? You normally lay it in your truck so you can possibly forget it? I pay for something, then the wallet goes directly back in my pocket. Never lay anything valuable down, anywhere unless you plan to use it that very minute. Wallet, back in the pocket. Equipment back in the truck. Lock the truck. No one, No where is safe from thieves. Rural areas are especially prime targets here ie isolated and not much chance of being seen or heard by passerby and neighbors

    JLSLLC LawnSite Fanatic
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    Sorry for your loss. I’m tightening up the place as we speak. Wish I could help
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  6. Todd73

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    I keep my wallet in the center console of the truck while I’m working, so I can see how you could forget it at home. I’m paranoid about losing it in someone’s yard so I don’t carry it. Then again, I’m paranoid about people stealing my stuff, so I hit the lock button on the truck about three times every time I get out.
  7. Charles

    Charles Moderator, Friend, Angel
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    How can you lose your wallet if it is in your back pocket? I know I forget to lock my truck up sometimes. People can still break windows and get in. No way would I lay me wallet anywhere in the truck and still sleep good at night. I don't leave equipment in the truck over night either. Tools are left in the double cab. My wallet has never came out of my back pocket accidently. Some of you must keep everything in there like George Castanza :laugh: Barely could fold his:rolleyes:
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  8. Todd73

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    Oh, the wallet comes in the house when I get home. Only thing left in the cab overnight is a cheap Harbor Freight tool set, jumper cables, and some tie downs. I leave a bungee chord in the bed of the truck. Although, we’re relatively safe in my neighborhood. Gated cul-de-sac with 18 homes. One car break-in and no other crime in the eight years we’ve been here and the people admitted they left their car unlocked.
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  9. Babaganoosh

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    I used to misplace wallet and keys all the time. I forged myself to start a routine which becomes a habit. I put wallet, keys, and pocket knife (NJ version of edc) into a basket every time I walk thru the door. Pick it all up before I leave. It eventually becomes so ingrained that it becomes automatic.

    Might want to try that.
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  10. Charles

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    Number of years with no break in means nothing. I have only been a victim one time. Doesn't make me feel any better. I only take my wallet out to put customers checks in. Never slips out. Some guys have those chain wallets. Chain it to your belt loop.

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