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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by Proline Man, Sep 12, 2007.

  1. Proline Man

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    Hey everybody. Names Vance. I'm 24 and have been cutting lawns for roughly 5 yrs. This is my first year going legit. The whole nine yards. I love it.

    Recently I have donated 5 full season lawn mowing and 6 fall clean-ups to a fundraiser for an 8 year old boy in my city who lost his right leg in a boating accident this past July. My mouth got the better of me. I'm kicking myself in the ass right now. The good thing is I raised well over 4,000 bucks for the family and got a lot of "free" advertising to go along with it. I placed out 350 business cards and all were taken.
    One more good thing is, its ALL tax deductable.

    My question is this: what do you think of donating such a great amount of these services? By the way all of the lawns are smaller than 6,000 sp feet. Would you have done what I did?
    And if anybody has donted services for a fundraiser what were they???
    I know I'll probably hear it from you guys about how much money I would have made if I wouldn't have done it. BUT I felt REALLY sorry for this kid. I know it will work out in the long run for myself (hopefully) will all the publicity from it. Hope to hear some good input.
    Thanks for reading and have a great day.
  2. JeffW0011

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    I like the thought. I think it is very extreme.....That is a lot of free work and a lot of variable costs you will be eating. I was asked to participate in a fund raiser. I considered giving away a season of lawn care and realized what happens if some guy with 3 acres wins. In the end I offered a $100 gift certificate for my service. The people that won the raffle used it for a few vacation cuts and to trim a few bushes. They are now regular customers and have turned another customer onto me. I got some free advertising and could end up getting more business from the offer of goodwill. However, I think you went a little overboard.
  3. newz7151

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    from Tejas
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    Have you checked into this real good? Usually the labor portion of something like this is not tax deductible, only supplies like plants or something are deductible. Not to rain on your parade, but just double check. I know there have been posts here on LS about people doing things for their church and finding out that they can't claim the labor/service portion of it.
  4. gandk06

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    Sounds like your heart is in the right place, but be carefull. There are a lot of people out there trying to get something for nothing. Not a big deal if they are small jobs but what happens when someone with 3-5 arce yard wins one. Maybe figure out a way to cap what your service could be used for. Especially when it comes to a fall clean-up. Some of these could be 1-2 hours other are a full day with 2-3 guys.

    In the end this could work to your benefit in getting more business, just be carefull so you don't get taken advantage of.:dancing:
  5. topsites

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    Well, I donated a lot of old clothes and appliances and a few worn out pieces of equipment last year as well, for tax deductions and to be a good guy, most of the stuff was decrepit but not broken so I figured everybody wins, that is until tax time come around :laugh:

    At least as of last tax season it said I needed to donate over $10,000 a year in order for any deduction to happen, I'd say I was out maybe a grand in that sense but then taxes were not my main concern and that helped, so I was able to LOL pretty good about it all.

    yup yup
  6. shane mapes

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    what your doing sounds good and if you keep doing things like this you will go far in life good luck
  7. Proline Man

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    you see what I did was I set a limit... 10,000 sq ft or less and has to be in less than 10 miles round trip. 3 of them r in the same small area... all smaller than 6,000 sq ft. and if someone wanted to buy it that had a bigger yard. I would charge accordinly.

    my dad is an accountant.
    and he has already looked into it. so I am in the clear trust me. and the only money ill be out is gasoline which is fine but of corse theres my labor. but all these lawns will be done on one day and should take no more than 4 yah I'm kickin myself in the ass but it is a goood cause.......btw thanks for the inut everybody
  8. Sweet Tater

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    I personally thinks its a great thing to do. In todays world everyone is out for themselves so it's nice when you see some one thinking of others. Theres another post on here That I started doing somthing simular. There were lots of posts of others doing like things to. Not only is there aot of green thumbs in this business, theres big hearts to.
    God bless you. What you sow , you will reap.
  9. bohiaa

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    GOOD FOR YOU :clapping: :clapping: :clapping: :clapping: :clapping:

    in my area Kraft has donated several play ground equiptment to local schools.

    as you know they get FREE advertisement and a wekk deserved pat on the back and a tax right off....

    BUT the flip side is the Childern get a cool play ground...

    ITS A WIN WIN............

    any time it can be a win win for everyone Its wonderfull......

    God Bless you Vance
  10. Proline Man

    Proline Man LawnSite Member
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    hey thanks on that. yeah it will always be a win win with donating nething. I just got off the phone with two customers that bought it. and they live 5 miles away which is great for me. I was the person with the highest donation so made me feel good plus I got a newspaper article bout myself.....all in all it was a good feeling

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