Done with Doubles that arent supposed to be doubles!!!

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by MOW ED, May 17, 2002.

  1. MOW ED

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    I quit. Another 200 bucks and a mower down for 3 days until my THIRD NEW ELECTRIC CLUTCH comes in. This has got to be from doubles. I admit that they cut well but I cant spend 200 bucks for a clutch after 70 hours of use. I replaced it last August and now its shot again. The first one went after I had doubles. I wouldn't believe it. I didn't want to believe it.

    The unit is a Toro Proline 15HP walkbehind Hydro 44" cut. It cuts real well when the clutch is working. I have the Walker 52" SD deck with factory doubles and that works nice but no more for the Toro.

    I just lost all the money that I made with the doubles supposedly helping me go faster. Oh well, it was nice while it lasted. I'm just gonna stay with the atomics and thats that. Good Luck.
  2. FrankenScagMachines

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    Well, I guess you know this, but electric clutches last longer if engaged at idle or low engine rpm's. Then, after they're engaged, run the engine up. You can shut them off at high speed, but only engage at low speed. It will bog the motor, but causes no damage to motor, and lets the clutch go from 0 to 1500 or 2000 rpm's instead of 0 to 3700 rpms, makes it last longer.
    Also, I think you can get heavier duty clutches. I assume that they're giving you the right one? But a heavier one would be better for doubles.
  3. CHAN

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    Did you try adjusting it. Most clutches i have seen can be ajusted if it starts to slip. A lot of dealers will say you need a new clutch and sell you one. Check the adjustments if you haven't.
  4. Toroguy

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    Sorry to hear the run of bad luck, cost is a major factor.

    I am experimenting with "triple-blades".
  5. Shawn Burns

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    O.K., This is going to go against everything 'yall have ever heard, but i'll tell you what i heard the other day.
    I was at the local shop buying some parts when i overhaerd the store owner telling a mechanic about a clutch problem on a Toro w/b. I questioned them and they re-affirmed what i heard.
    They said that the Toro rep told them that Toro clutches were designed to be engauged at FULL throttle, not at idle, or at half speed. I told them that that goes against everything that i have ever heard. They said that they knew, but that's what they were told by the Toro rep. So, maybe that is your problem? I don't know but thought you might want to hear it.
  6. RLS

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    Our mechanic has always told us the same thing about our Kee's mowers. We have been running the two Kee's we have for 4 and 5 years. The clutch has gone out in the oldest one twice, which ain't bad really, considering the number of long hard hours that we have put on both mowers. It's full throttle for us.
    Have a good one all! :)
  7. KirbysLawn

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    Triple blades?? Why?
  8. Got Grass?

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    Heck why not try quad blades & even it up?

    Let us know how the trips are working for ya.

    Seems to me if too much is going on under there no grass would have time to get up over the blades & make the cutting worse...

    Kinda like why most fans have 4 blades (doubles) not 6 (trips)...
  9. strickdad

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    full throttle, on the great danes 600 hrs, doubles, no problems...
  10. Toroguy

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    I was just kidding on the triple blade experiment. Im not going to experiment this early in the season.

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