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Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by 85w/350, May 7, 2001.

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    Well guys as many of you might know i was planning my weekend project to be the installation of the Edelbrock performer intake. Being that I got into my truck saturday morning and my transmission didnt want to find any gears my newest project became the tranny. I have a friend that recently purchased an 83 chevy for the 350engine in it. Like i figured it also has a Turbo 350tranny (my candidate). The deal to me is I help him pull the 350 and I can have any other parts off of the truck i want before he brings it to the salvage yard. Including the tranny. His plans are to drop the 350 into his 84 camaro to replace his ageing 305. Right now plans include taking the tranny the sending unit for dual gas tanks(one yr old), the passenger gas tank, 3/4ton leaf springs, etc. Anything Anyone else suggests i keep for incase? Its a fully functional truck runs and all.
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    Pick it clean! :D

    I have had a number of donor trucks over the years that contributed to keeping my '75 going, and by the time they went to the scrapyard not much was left - the "vultures" were busy!

    The amount of space you have, and the amount of work you are willing/able to do, will be a factor in how much you save. So is the condition of the parts - if it's obviously no good, let it go.

    Some of the things I have on the shelf include: Glass, steering box, upper & lower control arms, hood release cable, throttle cable, heater motor, and a host of the smaller "idiot parts" such as headlight switch, wiper switch, ignition column + key, wiper motor, interior/exterior door handles & trim pieces etc, all of which were picked off the "junkers". Some of this stuff is getting harder to find now, and if you can get it "for nothing" it's sure handy to have when you need to replace a component.

    Oh yes, almost forgot: the corrugated split loom that covers the wiring! I always grab what's good, and save every one of the wire loom fittings (clips & joiners) I can. When I wired up my plow lights, headache rack, and other additions I used wire loom & fittings to keep everything neat & organized.
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    GREAT IDEAS I forgot about the wiper motors and wire coverign i can really use that!!!!! Thanks alot...I have lots of tools and skills to work with not to mention 4 other friends and 48hrs to work with :)ALL FOR FREE!!! So I will pick it clean
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    Okay a few questions about things i have come across on this donor...

    So we pulled the block and tranny out of this 83 chevy the block is a 350 the interesting part is that the dipstick is on the driver's side. i hear lots of stuff about driver's side dipsticks and i believe this means its a motor from the 70's?

    Next thing is that the rear end on this truck appears to be 3.08 gears I have 3.73's in my truck and have been looking for 308's for quite some it more practical to just switch axles or mess with the gears?
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    Definately easier to swap axles than gears. Don't forget to swap the speedo gears inf the tailsahft housing of you keep your rear gears. if you swap axles and trannies together you'll keep your speedo correct, but if you don't swap the axle too it will be way off and you'll be going far faster than indicated. You might get to know the cops way too well it you do that.

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