Don't Bad Mouth the Other Guy

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by tfilbert, Apr 24, 2005.

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    Friday last week had a guy approach me while mowing a POS property. They won't pay for anything but mowing. Yes I do it like any other property: Mow, edge, trim, blow. This guy wants a price on mowing and after I walk property with him and listen to complaints about other LCO's. Two in past year who won't cut to standards he sets. ie: not trimming properly, edging looks real bad, weeds growing through sidewalk, curb has never been edged.
    He paid to have beds mulched and thats all they did. Added about 1 inch of mulch and way too thin in most areas. Back beds are a mess with no new mulch. I could go on but as we looked around I mentioned I could do a few things that hadn't been done and then stopped. He said what else could you do. So I listed them for him. A pretty long list at that. He asked for an estimate and I gave it to him after measuring and checking a few prices with nursery. (got to love cell phones). I must tell you I had just finished my last cut of the day and was tired but when he said can you cut it today and add me to your schedule I said sure and felt a second wind coming on. I did the work and my job looked nice. He was gone while I was mowing and when he came back the first thing he said was: "That's what I've been wanting". He hired me for the landscape work and to clean-up behind the other guy. Point I want to make is don't bad mouth the other guy. Just do high quality work at fair prices. Let the customer tell you what they want and give it to them.
    I have seen the other LCO from time to time and he is a cut and blow type guy. No attention to detail, just hurry, hurry, hurry, and gone. I didn't under-price the competition, I didn't go looking to steal this account. I never mentioned anything negative about someone elses work. I just presented what I could and would do. I work hard and charge an honest price. I'm proud of the work I do and stand behind it. I already know some on here will have a negative response to this. Is this a PITA? Don't know. Only time will tell. I should have contacted other LCO first. Why? They didn't do the job right to begin with. Two LCO's in one year. Yup and I've seen their work every week. Not very good! Do good work and be proud of what you do. Ok, let the bashing begin.
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    Why would you think you are going to be bashed?? Sounds like the homeowner has been looking for a LCO just like you. Great service and a fair price. As long as both of you are happy the relationship will be beneficial to all involved.
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    I can tell you that the fastest way for a contractor of any kind to lose my business is to bad mouth another contractor. I hate that......

    Just recently I needed the lawn @ my new house hydroseeded........I called a company for an estimate and the first thing he did was tell me what was wrong with 2-3 other companies in the area. I told him to forget I called.....and he had no idea what he had done wrong........

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    :rolleyes: I agree ,to bash another lco is bad business,i like your business ethics,do a good job,be proud of the work you do and don't rush rush rush just to get to the next job to hurry through it also.congrats on the new account.

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