Don't Be Sheep.

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by coolluv, May 24, 2008.

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    I have read post after post about trucks,mowers,trimmers,blowers,etc. and it never ceases to amaze me how some people are just brand loyal when it comes to stuff. You will read a post about trucks and somebody will say don't buy Chevy they suck Ford rules man. You will read a post about mowers and someone will say Exmark is the best and Hustler suck, you get the point.

    Most of the opinions are not even based on fact. Well my daddy drove a Ford and his daddy drove a Ford and his daddy's daddy drove a Ford so Ford is the best truck their is. Have they looked at facts? No. Have they driven and compared and researched other similar products? No.

    Advertising company's base their advertising on a 8th grade education level and use pro sports figures and singers and race car drivers to push their stuff. If Tony Stewart uses an Exmark or a Gravely does that make it the best? If Willie Nelson uses a Bad Boy to mow his mansion does that make it the best?

    No it doesn't make it the best, but the sheep out there think it does. As a society are we that stupid? I guess we are because companies are paying millions of dollars every year to everyones hero's to plug their products. Do you think they would do that if it wasn't working?

    Some guys will buy a product whether it be a mower or trimmer or truck and just because they own it,its the best. You could prove to them that something is better but no, they own it so it must be the best. Call it pride or ignorance but they don't want to admit that maybe they should have done some or more research before they bought that product and they can't admit to themselves that they screwed up.

    Are we a society of fools? We must be because the politicians have been having their way with this country for so long and we just sit back and say oh well what can we do, they screwed us again, as we go on about our lives. Back in the Roman days they called it bread and circus's. Give the masses free bread and give them something to watch (the Coliseum and Gladiators) and we can do whatever the hell we want to. In other words keep the sheep preoccupied with other things to keep them from paying attention to what was really happening.

    Today its Nascar,Football,Baseball,and lets not forget American Idol. Most people know more about how many wins Tony Stewart has at each race track or how many touchdowns their favorite player has but don't give a dam about making themselves smarter. If they put that much effort into knowing what was really going on and educating themselves we wouldn't have $4.00 a gal gasoline.

    Its not a Republican or Democrat thing either, Both have been screwing us. We sit back and let the media tell us how we should think,what we should buy and who we should vote for. Wake up people and look around you. Look at the post to this forum, What mower should I get? What trimmer should I get.

    Hey I don't have time to research and make an educated decision on my own because I have to get back to watching American Idol. But hey you know Willie Nelson uses a Bad Boy so I'll just go with that. Instead of taking the time to do the research and looking at my market and the types of lawns I will be using it on. If its good enough for a guy like Willie Nelson then its good enough for a sheep like me.

    Just a side note. The examples used are just that examples. So don't come on here and say I'm bad mouthing Tony Stewart or Bad Boy Mowers. Those are just examples nothing else.

    Don't be sheep people. Do your own research and use that head before you come on here and ask everyone what type of mower you should buy. I know its takes time and you have to read for hours and its going to take your time away from American Idol but you will be much happier with your educated decision. I could go on but I'll get off the soap box now.

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    Good post. Just curious how gas would be cheaper if I didnt know that Tony Stewart has never won at Datona? You are right though, in a way. people dont do research when buying. But once you find something is research needed every time you buy? I own exmark and stihl. Its all I plan to buy for the forseeable future. Not because some celebraty claims to use it (like they do their own lawn), because I have had great experiences with them, know how to fix them with my eyes closed, know where I can get parts to do so, and like the way they perform.

    You could tell me all day about the great jumbo force bullet proof mumbojumbo deck that Grasshopper just came out with and I would buy exmark. I know what I am getting that way. Which leads to research. What kind? A poll on lawnsite is the worst kind. If somewhere there is a area with 17 toro, 23 echo, 1 stihl, and 1 exmark dealers should that person take advise from me on what to buy? Another is the famous "small ztr threads". Read one sometime. Everyone will tell you what a waste of time and money they are............. except the people who own one. We will all tell you how great they are, all of us. But, for some reason people asking will listen to all the bad things that the people who never even used one will tell them.
  3. meets1

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    Awesome post man. I would like to think that I am pro-active when choices like this are made in my business. In the big picture though - your exactly right!
  4. k911lowe

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    i always buy what i think is best and cost effective.i have never given a rats ass about commercials and i don't even like willie nelson.i do not think many people in this business subscribe to your sheep theory.they buy what is cost effective. a business is like a baby.when it crys for something you have to satisfy it.
  5. jkilov

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    Not me. I don't back up any manufacturer these days as business excellence seesed to exist. Each one has its ups and downs but they all throw out lemons from time to time.

    No kidding:jester:

    Did'nt catch what you meant with Stewart and Nelson as I did'nt read all of it.
  6. jsf343

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    I agree. Not only cost effective, but what has worked best for them. I have used equipment with Honda engines, why? because they are dependable, cost effective and they work. Same can be said about my other equipment, I will use what works best for me,and stays working. If that makes me a sheep then all I can say is Baaaaaa. :laugh:
  7. meets1

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    I don't think he is saying your all sheep cuz you run used equipment or new for that matter. I think it is about getting caught up in the worldly movements - being a follower - not a leader. I am sure most on this site are good leaders/business men, etc but I also think that most on here on a sole or have a crew of 4-10 people working and out of that number how many are full time. Were not fortune 500 companies. Were struggling to stay afloat with gas prices, downturn in economy. I try to step to the plate everyday swinging - some days aren't as good as others. It wears a person down.

    The whole thing about used equipment, new equipment, JD, toro, scag, chevy or ford is a comparison I beleive to bring his point across. It is also gets discussion going among us professionals in the lawn care/landscape business.
  8. JB1

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    Sheep Stink !
  9. lawnboy dan

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    i have no brand loyality in my biz-i use the best machine for the job.
  10. topsites

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    Brand loyalty also exists for intelligent reasons.

    For example another machine MIGHT be better but I've used mine for
    so many years that lets just say WHEN that POS breaks
    down then chances are I know exactly what the problem is.
    I might even be able to fix it in minutes flat, but when there exists a
    problem with a beast I am not familiar with it could be HOURS.

    And that's just one of many good reasons why I am brand loyal.

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