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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by S man, Jan 14, 2008.

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    I recently bought the LAST toro commercial 21" model 22167 with the old style honda engine on it from speedway sales. My local dealers only have the new ones. When I got the thing, the box looked like hell. When the ups guy was bringing it to the door I could see the rear wheel sticking out of the box. I opened it up and the mower was all in one piece. Except the rear wheels were damaged. My local dealer looked at it and said the pinion gears were broken and the wheels are bent and they have some grinded powder around them. He would do the work but wanted to know what speedway wanted to do. They said they would return the unit, only this is the LAST 22167 so I wanted this one fixed. They said they wouldn't pay for my dealer for the labour. But would have ups pick the unit up and fix it in their shop in wisconsin. I don't think so! My dad called toro(I wasn't feeling good) for me and the woman said she didn't want the mower sent back up there and that my local dealer would fix it and toro would pay.

    My problem is, if the box looked bad before shipping, why didn't speedway fix the box up a little? and I payed $25 for shipping insurance. My dealer said the wheels got banged up in shipping also. Shouldn't ups do something since I have the insurance? So who's responsible? Toro said they will fix but should ups be involved with the damage?
    I won't be dealing with speedway sales again with the way they are handling this and sending a expensive heavy mower with a beat up box. Then wanting me to the mower back to get worked on up there. And no apologies and sour attitudes. They are not very friendly over up there. Do yourself a favour, don't buy stuff from them.

    Any advice is appreciated
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    I hate to say it but it's as likely a UPS thing, and the reason I dislike this subject is because when UPS damages goods in the shipping process they leave us hanging with the problem, trust me, I know.

    So I'm sorry to hear about your run-around, but be glad these companies sprung for what I suspect was a UPS fault.

    Not saying it was, but I've been down this road when I packaged a unit myself which later was damaged. I won't get into what happened but lets just say the damage to your unit was minor in comparison, also in my case I got stuck with the bill.

    By the way, unless things have changed I wouldn't bother UPS about it, all they'll do is send out some shipping inspector who will determine it wasn't a UPS fault... Other than that speedway could've been nicer about it, but on the other hand I can imagine they were seeing red from their end of things, way this story goes.

    Not saying Speedway is an angel, this is one reason why I still shop local, this shipping nonsense.
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    You should have ever accepted it from UPS when you saw the package like that. I would have told him to put it right back in the truck...that is what the insurance is for. They make BANK on that insurance, so it's really no skin off their back. The UPS guy gets aid hourly, so it makes no difference to him, either.
  4. Roger

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    "ever ..." ---> "never ..." ???

    Perhaps there was a good reason why this machine was THE LAST ONE available.
  5. corbster

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    Runner, topsites and Roger is correct! Once you sign it's your's, and if you file a claim after the fact/signing they will blame it back to the company for improper packaging.
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    My dad's rv broke down and he had to to have some brake parts overnighted from Oregon to DC....the parts were 2 days late and he figured he'd file the claim for paying for overnite, but not getting overnight, once he got home....Too bad they only give you a time frame of two weeks to file a claim. if you are going to file a claim with UPS....Do it now, rather than later. If you wait, may lose your opportunity. Also, If you file with UPS, then Toro should not have to pay for the repair. If Toro pays for the repair, then UPS should not have to pay. You cant get toro to pay the repair anf then get UPS to pay YOU as well. Thast called insurance fraud.

    You made the desicion not to return the unit, (smart), and since toro is offering to pick up the tab, Other than the bad attitude at SS, I don't see the issue.

    SS offered to take the mower back, repair it and send it back to you....I';m with Top, it was a shipping issue, and Around the Holiday's the guys in brown work their butts off and the last thing they want to do is lug around an 80# lawn mower.
  7. LawnBoy89

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    You can't blame it all on the dealer you bought the unit from I started working at UPS this winter and it is very possible that it got damaged during shipping. They way that they stack the boxes in the big trailers and the way they remove them from the conveyor belt before they go into each individual truck is usually very careless. You have alot of work to get done in a short amount of time and usually when a package is as heavy as a lawmower they will just let it drop off the conveyor belt which is a 3.5ft drop.

    Marc Smith is also 100% right around the holidays is very hectect not only for the drivers but more so the preloaders your shift is doubled in time and the work is tripled anytime in december is not a very good time to ship anything.
  8. lawnpro724

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    I wouldn't buy anything from them anyway, their prices are at full retail and from what I have heard their attitude and service are very poor. If you want better service and way better prices then go to or see if your local dealer can cut you a deal.
  9. packey

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    Here is a little insight from an unloaders view. I( I did this two winters for extra christmas money). I have seen many packages damaged while loading and unloading trucks. Most not all but most are because the package was already damaged or improperly packaged. Sometimes though you will things fall from back of trucks get hung in conveyor belts fall of the conveyor system etc. Damage occurs easily in the enviroment that your packages are shipped in. Just imagine this a ups semi is unloaded soley by hand boxes are stacked as fast as possible from top to bottom front to rear in about 40 minutes or less for a 50 trailer and 25 minutes for a 25 foot trailer. Anything overweight is a pain because you have to slow down to deal with it. Now throw in Christmas rush and you are begging for something to get torn up. . If you ship UPS Make sure your packages are not overweight if so send them through a freight carrier who only deals with over weight packages. When shipping make sure the packageing job is done well as i said before most damage occurs when packageing is poor or box is in bad condition. Normally the blame can be spread becuase most of the time it is a little of everyones fault from the shipping company to the company who shipped it with them. on an average day the small terminal in Lubbock texas handles around 89000 packages during Chirstmas that doubles.
  10. corbster

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    The only way to ship UPS or FedEx is go to "The UPS Store" or "Kinko's" and let them pack it. ... Then they can't say it was improperly pack.

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